Arcus Majoris Named
by Simone Maurian Ui'Dunlaingh

A lone sable star set on
An archer’s bracer argent.
Revealing those regal bowman,
So elevated and honored.

Those gentry gallant and true.
Of talent divinely blessed.
With chivalry, valor and honor,
In word and deed remembered.

Elfsea’s Feargus McKenna
His heart holds a lion’s strength.
Middleford’s beloved archer
Gilbert Ost Westley is honored.

Steppes Sebastian Forbishire
Stands hallowed in valor’s light
Primer Arcus Majoris
By royal decree named three.

Time did pass and the Arcus Grew
New members were thus added.
Octavia de Verdon of
Brad Leigh’s Chivalric Ladies

Steppes own William Iornwyrm
Virtuous, Norman Bowman.
Ravensfort’s Plachoya Soboka
Silent stealth he does command.

Shadowland’s Moreg Cochrane
Has an angel’s strength and grace
From Crossroads Keep then called was
Agnar Thorvalsson the bold.

Arcus Majoris renowned
Brilliant teachers and craftsmen
Training bowmen in valor’s art
Thus to the order were called

From the Canton of Gates Edge
Edric Anstapa the Just
Third from the Steppes Jacques de Spink
Traveling teacher of renown

Young Archers and Crossbowman
Honor those we have named here
Well learn chivalry’s art so
Arcus Majoris be named.


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