Part 101 - Candle Hanger V

by Lord Thomas the Black



Candle Hanger V

Welcome back to another edition of Blackmaille! As I missed a Twelfth Night or two during our technical problems, I owe my faithful readers a candle-hanger project to sweep away the gloom.

This month's candle-hanger is a fairly simple one, easily made with a short trip to your local Hobby Lobby or Michael's.








Step 1: Make 6 triangles of 5 rows, and 3 triangles of 3 rows.

Step 2: Connect the 6 5-row triangles along their sides to form the basket of your hanger.

Step 3: Attach the other 3 triangles along their bottom edge to the rim of the basket, at evenly-spaced intervals. Note: You may find it's easier to connect these to the other triangles BEFORE connecting the 6 to each other.

Step 4: Attach one 6” - 8” length of jump chain to each of your 3 triangles.

Step 5: Attach the other ends of these chains to your 1” brass ring.

Step 6: Put the votive holder in the basket, put your votive candle in the holder. Note: If you find that your rings sag on the outer edge, just add another row of (possibly smaller) rings, 6-in-1 style, and that'll tighten it up.

Step 7: Light and enjoy!

It's just that easy!

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