Part 20 - A Mailler's Bibliography
by Lord Thomas the Black



            Welcome back to Blackmaille! Thanks for joining us for another month!

            Last month, in the first of my two-part bibliography of maille resources, I covered all the internet sources I use in my research. Since there's quite a lot of information available online, that was a fairly long article. This month, I'm going to list the books I've found useful. This will be a slightly shorter article, since there's just not a whole lot of books specifically about maille armor available, and in most books about armor in general, maille is little more than a footnote, while the emphasis is on plate defenses. Nonetheless, there are a few good sources out there for info. So, on with the show…

            Disclaimer: As with last month's listing, every book here is one I have personally read and would recommend to fellow maillers. I have not received any money to endorse these works.

Brian R. Price
  "Techniques of Medieval Armor Reproduction" Available From Paladin Press

            While only chapter 26 deals specifically with mail, the entire text is an invaluable resource on all aspects of armoring, and offers interesting insights on the history of armor and those who craft it. if you only buy one book on armoring, make it this one.

Baron Barok Baran  "Compleat Anachronist #23: Arms and Armor III, 400 AD - 750 AD" Pg. 24 - 25

Baron Barok Baran  "Compleat Anachronist #24: Arms and Armor IV, 750 AD - 1000 AD"  Pg. 18 - 22

David Anthony Counts "Compleat Anachronist #29: Weapons and Armour II, 1100-1350" Pg. 16-18, 34-35

Knut Osterstrom "On Riveted Chain Mail and Sundry Related Matters", Complete Anachronist #2: "Selections From The Hammer, Pt 1"

Christopher Gravett "The World of the Medieval Knight" Pg. 16-17                              

Christopher Gravett "Eyewitness Books: Knight" Pg. 12

Charles Henry Ashdown "European Arms and Armor" Pg. 86

George Cameron Stone "A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration, and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times" Pg.

Paul B. Newman "Daily Life in the Middle Ages" Pg. 197

Oswald Graff Trapp "The Armoury of the Castle of Churburg" chapter: "Mail and Brigandine"

Charles Ffoulkes "The Armorer & His Craft" Pg. 44-48

Ewart Oakeshotte "The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armor From Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry" Pg. 90, 96, 167, 175-176

Tim Newark "Celtic Warriors: 400 BC - 1600 AD" Pg. 107

Patrick E. Sain "Knitting Steel: A Guide for the Contemporary Maille Craftsman" Available from Armored Dillo Highway

Mary Brewer "Art of Mail Armor: How to Make Your Own" Available from Chivary Sports or

And finally…

Thomas A. Beckett "Blackmaille: The Collected Articles" (Coming Soon)

Thomas A. Beckett "Chainmail in the Current Middle Ages, Vol. 1 & 2" (Coming Soon) 


That does it for the second half of my bibliography. I hope some of these sources are of use to you. They certainly have been to me. The books on this list that are out of print are usually available through inter-library loan, which I'll talk about next month. Watch for the collected Blackmaille columns to be available at the Baronial meetings in the near future (when the series has run its course), and watch for my book "Chainmail in the Current Middle Ages, Vol. 1 & 2" coming out soon!

As always, thanks for joining me for another month of Blackmaille! Any mail-related questions or comments can (and should) be sent to:

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 Next month: Inter-Library Loan: A Researcher's Best Friend!

 See you next month!


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