Part 64 - Song Contest III Winners
by Lord Thomas the Black


Song Contest III Winners

            Welcome back to another edition of Blackmaille! This month, it's time once again to announce the winners of our Third Annual Blackmaille Songwriters' Invitational! Woo!

            This month's winners were chosen from a select group of entries. It wasn't easy choosing these three from the ones we received, but we did it! So without further ado, on with the show!

            Our second runner-up sent in this moving take on the classic "Over the Rainbow". What is it with rainbows and chainmaille? Aaaaaaanyway...


Under the Sofa

To the tune of “Over the Rainbow” by Arlen & Harburg

Somewhere under the sofa, lost rings hide
There’s a pile of the stainless and a few others beside

Somewhere under the sofa, rings are gone
And the maille that you try to weave never will be done

Someday I’ll lift the sofa up
And vacuum all the lost rings up beneath me
And take them down into my shop
And sort them ‘til my eyeballs pop
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere under the sofa, steel rings hide
Rings hide under the sofa
Why then, why can’t I?

If shiny little steel rings hide
Beneath the sofa
Why oh why can’t I?


            Beautiful, just beautiful. Our first runner-up sent in a filk based on a song used in one of my favorite movies, "Highlander". Enjoy!


maillers of the barony

to the tune of “Princes of the Universe” by Queen


Here we are, born to weave rings,
We're the maillers of the Barony.

Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a world full of stick-jock fighters.

And here we are, we're the maillers of the Barony
Here we belong, fighting for award recs
We've got to be the maillers of you all.

I am a mailler, I have here with me tons of rings.
I have no rival, plate armor’s not my equal
Take me to the list field for repairs

Born to weave rings, maillers of the Barony
Weaving our chain, got your maille in my hand
I'm fixing your holes on my armor stand
We were born to be maillers of the Barony.

No Laurel could understand. My pliers are in my own hands
Ooh, ooh, ooh, people talk about you.
People say you've had your day.
Oh, man, they’ve no idea

Anodized and stainless steel
With my pliers and head held high
Got to inlay brass this time-yeah
I know that people talk about me. I hear it every day.
But I can prove you wrong 'cause maille’s right for the time.
Yeah yeah alright watch this man weave, bring on the maille

Here we are. Born to weave rings,
We're the maillers of the Barony.

Here we belong. Born to weave rings,
Maillers of the Barony. Weaving our chain
Got your maille in my hands
I'm fixing your holes on my armor stand.
We were born to be maillers of the Barony.


            Awesome! I love that song, and he filked the whole thing. Just awesome. Still, as it says in the movie, there can be only one, and interestingly enough, this contests winner also chose a song from the "Highlander" soundtrack, and sent us this moving take on "Who wants to Live Forever":


Who Wants to weave Forever?

to the tune of “Who Wants to Live Forever?” by Queen

There's no time for this.  There's no place for this.
What is this thing that fills my shop,
Yet seems so hit-and-miss?

Who wants to weave forever?  Who wants to weave forever?

There's no Laurel for this.  It's all just demos for this.
This show has only one small table set aside for this.

Who wants to weave forever? Who wants to weave forever?  

Who dares to maille forever?
When this weigh a ton.

But coat my pliers with tool-dip,
Touch my maille with your fingertips.
And we can maille forever, and we can maille forever.
Forever is our today.
Who wants to weave forever?  Who wants to weave forever?
Forever is our today.  Who wants a Laurel anyway?



            Oh, man, I think I'm gonna cry. I need a second here. <sob>


            Ok, I'll be alright. That was just beautiful, man. You rock! Your copy of "Chainmaille in the Current Middle Ages, Vol. 1" will be on its way soon. The rest of you will be published in "Chainmaille in the Current Middle Ages, Vol. 2".


            For those of you who didn't enter, and are now thinking "I can do better than that!" well, it's "put up or shut up" time! As you've probably figured out by now, this is going to be an annual contest, with each new contest being announced in June, and the winners announced in December. This gives you six months until the next contest is announced, and another three until the deadline. That's nine months to compose and create your entry. Get to work!


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            Next month: It's time for Twelfth Night again, and so we present another candle-hanger for your home-decorating enjoyment. See you then!


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