Part 82 - Song Contest V
by Lord Thomas the Black


Song Contest V

I know my fans have been breathlessly awaiting its return, so here you go…


The Fifth Annual Blackmaille Songwriters’ Invitational!

             The rules are the same as the last four times (see “Blackmaille” #34, #42, #49, & #60): you write a “filk” song about maille, or the SCA, or the Middle Ages. Something like that. Send it in to me before September 1st (that gives you 3 months), and the top three entries will be published in a future “Blackmaille” article. Plus, The number one entry receives a free copy of “Chainmail in the Current Middle Ages, Vol. 1”, while all contributions will be published in “Chainmail in the Current Middle Ages, Vol. 2”.

            Fortune, fame, and the dubious privileges that come with it can be yours for the cost of a few moments of your time.

NOTE: Participation in this contest constitutes consent to publish said entries. All entries must be accompanied with the entrant’s name, address, and phone number, as well as a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want your entry back. Otherwise it becomes my property. All entries must have the title of the song it was based on, as well as the new, “maille version”. For Example:

Chainmail Connection

(to the tune of “Rainbow Connection” by Jim Henson)


So, get busy digging through your CD collections, and rewriting lyrics! All entries must be received by 9/1/10. As they say in the SCA, “Entertain or be a pell!”

Entries should be sent to:

                        Blackmaille Songwriting Contest                    
                                    c/o Thomas Beckett       
                                    13628 Belmead Ave      
                                    Grandview, MO 64030                      

Or you can email your entries to me at:  Use “Blackmaille Songwriting Contest” as your subject line.

            As usual, any questions, comments, hate mail, fan mail, or song submissions should be sent to:

                                    c/o Thomas Beckett       
                                    13628 Belmead Ave      
                                    Grandview, MO 64030


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