Part 89 - Candle Project IV

by Lord Thomas the Black


Candle Project IV

            Welcome back to another month of "Blackmaille"!

            With Twelfth Night again upon us, it's time for another candle project with which to light your camp or feast hall. You may have noticed this month we're calling it a "project" and not "hanger". This is because it's not a hanger this time around, but a decorative cover.

Text Box: Needed: 
5/16" aluminum or galvy rings
3/8" anodized aluminum or brass (for inlay/trim)
2"-3" column candle




Step 1:  Make a Strip of European 4-in-1 long enough to fit loosely around candle (fig. 1) 


                                                            Fig. 1

Step 2: Add one (1) row of rings in a 6-in-1 style to the top row of your strip (fig. 2). Make sure the maille doesn't crowd the wick, or your candle won't stay lit.


                                                            Fig. 2

Step 3:  Add rows of 4-in-1 to the bottom row, until maille cover is as long as you want it (fig. 3).


                                                            Fig. 3

NOTE: For decoration, consider adding a simple inlay, some dags, or brass trim along the bottom edge. Any inlays should be done during step 3, above.

Finally, light your candle and enjoy!

            Well, that wraps up another month of Blackmaille. Thanks for joining us! As usual, any fan mail, hate mail, questions, or comments can be sent to: 

                        c/o Thomas Beckett
                        13628 Belmead Ave
                        Grandview, MO 64030

Or you can email me at: subject line "Blackmaille"

            See you next month!


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