Cap of Maintenance
by Johannes the Black of the Athanor, OL

0942b.gif (2208 bytes)



1) Measure the circumference of the head, making sure that the tape passes above the eyebrows and just above the base of the ears.
0942a.gif (1452 bytes)


2) Enlarge the template until the A measurement is equal to the circumference of the head.

0942c.gif (4875 bytes)


3) Cut two of these; one for the exterior and one for the lining; glove leather or very heavy upholstery velvet is recommended for the former; fur or satin for the latter. Remember that the lining will be all that shows of the brim.

4) Place the two cut pieces good side to good side; sew around the edges, taking a one-quarter inch seam allowance. Remember to leave a small area open in order to turn the cap right-side-out.

5) Turn the cap right-side-out, finishing the seam by hand.

6) Fold the cap until the two dotted sides ( ... ) overlap, and sew these together by hand carefully, so that the lining is not visible.

7) Fold brim upwards along the 'fold brim line', so that cap looks like the sketch in the upper right part of this page.

8) Tippets may be decorated with tassels or bells, etc. Also, they may be sewn together during Step 6, making a single large tippet in back.