Barony of Forgotten Sea
Fools Guild
~ History Record ~

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The Barony of Forgotten Sea established the BFS Fools Guild in April of 2002. 
If you have an interest in the Foolish Arts, or in the guild, please contact the Guild Head.

The Original Charter
~ est. April 2002 ~

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The Fools Guild Charter

The Purpose of this Guild

The purpose of this Guild is to give Fools in and around the Barony of Forgotten Sea a forum from which to learn about the traditions and craft of the Foolish Arts, teach what they have learned about the Foolish Arts to others, to seek and give advice, and revel in the camaraderie of others who share an interest in the Foolish Arts.

For the purposes of this Guild, the term Foolish Arts shall refer to antics, jokes, shtick, puppetry or other performances as might be done by a Fool.. 

For the purpose of this charter, the term Fool shall refer the characterization of the historical practice/position referred to (but not limited to) fool, jester, buffoon, clown, harlequin, trickster and punster.


The Goals of this Guild

 1.    To either hold at least one (1) class a year to educate the populace on aspects of the Foolish Arts (this may be
    done at a Baronial Meeting, a Baronial Event, a Baronial Canton Meeting, a Baronial Canton Event, or at
    R.U.S.H.) or to sponsor at least one (1) competition a year in the field of Foolish Arts (this may be held in
    conjunction with either a Baronial Event, an event of one of the Baronial Cantons, or the annual Kingdom A&S

 2.    To provide a medium for the exchange of information between members of the Guild and interested parties not
    affiliated with the Guild.

 3.    To improve the overall quality of the Foolish Arts and the manner they are taught in the Barony of Forgotten Sea,
    providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which Fools and prospective Fools can learn, teach and develop.

4.    And above and beyond any other goal, to make people smile, laugh or otherwise feel merriment at any and all times
    where it's convenient, appropriate, or just plain silly.


The Requirements for this Guild

 1.    To provide a minimum of one (1) performances annually at Baronial functions. This may be the result of 
    one or more of the members of the Guild.

 2.    To produce a minimum of one (1) informational article annually on some aspect of the Foolish Arts, to be
    “published” in either the Baronial Newsletter, the appropriate Kingdom publication (i.e. Calon Scrolls) 
    and/or placed on the Forgotten Sea Fools Guild website. This may be the result of one or more of the 
    members of the Guild.

3.    Members must (as they can and as is available) attend at least one class annually. This can be one hosted by this
    guild, or a class at an outside venue. If a member learns in the outside venue, it is requested that they pass
    information learned from the outside venue on to any and all members of the guild that have a desire to learn it.


The Structure for this Guild

 1.    The Baronage of Forgotten Sea shall select the initial Fools Guild Head, who shall oversee the Guild for one year.

 2.    At the end of each year, the Guild shall select a Guild Head by a consensus of the Guild members. A Guild Head
    may be selected to oversee the Guild for consecutive years by the Guild members.

 3.    There shall be no ranks within the BFS Fools Guild. In an effort to promote interaction, camaraderie and a friendly,
        helping atmosphere in which to learn; to reduce the possibility of competition amongst the members but instead
        inspire cooperation and an exchange of ideas, techniques and information, ranks shall not exist.

4.    When conflict within the guild arises, before it is taken to outside influence, the concerned parties can call upon a
        Fool's Duel. This duel shall be a classic display of silliness and utter chaos as exemplified by a) a pie off, 
     b) a 'sing' off, c) or any other foolish contest as deemed fitting by the members (food fights to be kept to a
         'confined space' so as not to provide problems for the Barony, it's cantons, or any other hosting group).
        Grievances disputed internally through such means are binding and not to be argued afterwards. 
        We will all strive to forego politics and settle disputes internally.

 5.    Should any disputes arise that cannot be settled by the aforementioned means or by a consensus of the Guild Head
    and the Guild members, the Baronage of Forgotten Sea retains the authority to settle such disputes.

 6.    The Barony of Forgotten Sea will establish and register a badge for Guild Insignia that all members of the
    Forgotten Sea Fools Guild are allowed to wear and display. 
    IN PROCESS: Argent, a fool rampant contourny, a bordure vert.


This is the list of the members of the Barony of Forgotten Sea Fools Guild.

* = Charter Member  

. * = Fools Guild Head 
 * = Honorary Member * = Former Fools Guild Head

Member Names (in no particular order) 
Lord Roberto Carlos Dominguez***
Baron Modar Neznanich**
Lord  Timothy of Northkeep* 
Lord  Gotfrid von Schwaben * 
Her Ladyship  Dorcas Whitecap*   
Master Mikal the Ram* 
Mistress Luciana di Ridolfi* 
His Lordship Martinus Draco Byzantios* 
Lord Leif Andersson* 
Lady   Sorcha MacLeod (of the Outlands)* 
Lord  Wormy (of Ansteorra)*
Royal Rascals of Calontir

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