Battle of the Forgotten Sea

In June of 2014 I had the great pleasure of being contacted by Mike Nichols,
one of the founding members of Forgotten Sea. His SCA name is
Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin.  
Thanks to a mutual friend, Bill Pittman (SCA name: William of Questionable Intentions), 
Mike/Gwydion had seen my History of Forgotten Sea webpages which include one with
his song from the early days of the group, entitled 
"The Shire of Forgotten Sea".  

He informed me he had recently came across another 'lost song' he had recorded
from a time a little later than the first song called 'The Battle of the Forgotten Sea'. 
He offered to send it to me and gave me permission to put it on my website.
It is an interesting song because it mentions, by name, a lot of the other
early founders of the Shire of Forgotten Sea. 

Many thanks to him for sharing this rich history.

Battle of the Forgotten Sea
6,385 KB
mp3 format

Song Copyright  2014 by Mike Nichols
Sung by Mike Nichols
Lyrics by Dorian Moonraven
Music: traditional tune

For those interested in the song "The Shire of Forgotten Sea", click HERE.