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Headdress Classification

How to Make an Italian Ribbon Coif by Briana Etain MacKorkhill

Straw Hats in Medieval and Renaissance Works of Art

How to make a Coif [worn by both men & women] by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Embroidered Coif by Aénor d’Anjou

Blackwork Embroidery Coif

Hooded Mantle or Cowl by Randall Whitlock

Simple Steps to Look Great in a Veil by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Medieval Hoods by Cynthia du Pré Argent

13th Century Toque Hat (aka Fillet Hat) by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Crespinettes by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Quick 'n' Easy Cauls by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Men's Hats from 1300 - 1500 by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Men's Rolled (stuffed) Hats by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Women's Rolled (stuffed) Hats by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Basic Construction for a Butterfly Hat or Truncated-Cone Henin by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Arnolfini Headdress, Truncated-Cone Henins and Butterfly Henins by Cynthia du Pré Argent

A Truncated Hennin by Annastassja Diaz de Leon

Truncated Henin Form

Chaperon's and How to Make Them

Mongolian Hat

In Service of Silly Hats: The First Straw -- and the Last Dryer Vent by Cynthia du Pré Argent

Tarpus: Turkish Hat

Headrails by Corisander Seathwaite

How to Make a Hood by Dawn Duperault

The Monmouth Cap

The Bocksten Bog Man Hood

St. Birgitta's Coif

Fernando, Infante de Castille's Coif

Hat from Little Sampford Cache

Berets/Bagcaps and Flat Caps

Hoods, Chaperons and Liripipes


Felt Hats

English Hats

French Hats

German and Flemish Hats

Italian Hats

Spanish Hats

How to Make a Renaissance Hat

Make a Soft Cap

Tudor Flat Cap

Men's Italian Renaissance Red Hats

Two Short-Crowned Brimless Hats

Tudor and Elizabethan Coifs

Making an Elizabethan Coif

French Hoods: Their History and Development

Constructing a French Hood

English Gable Hood

Constructing an Elizabethan Muffin Cap

Relative Frequency of Headdresses by Type Found in a Sample of Visual Sources, 1400-1519

Headwear and Haristyles of Venice

Hairnets and Snoods

Netting for Hairnets by Nicolaa de Bracton


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