Iren-Fyrd, Iren-Hirth, Boga-Fyrd, Boga-Hirth & Iren-Feran:
What do these terms mean?

One of the most oft asked questions concerning Calontir awards is:
"What do the names Iren-Fyrd, Iren-Hirth, Boga-Fyrd, Boga-Hirth & Iren-Feran mean?"

The names were created from terms used in the Anglo-Saxon times.
The Old English dictionary gives the following meanings to the words:

iren = iron or iron weapon/sword

fyrd = army

hirth = warrior/guardian

boga = bow

feran = plural of fera = comrade; companion; friend

From these definitions, we can then see why the Fyrd are considered the "backbone"
of the Calontir army. They are equivalent to the solid soldiers and NCOs of today's army.

The Hirth are often referred to as the King's Bodyguards, which fits with the meaning of
their name. They are equivalent to the officers in today's army.

The Feran are folks from other kingdoms who have fought with Calontir and have been
awarded with recognition from the Calontir Crown for their efforts. Their actions truly
make them comrades.


Some Side-Notes:

For a short time the names of the Boga-Fyrd and Boga-Hirth were changed to Saethwr-Fyrd
Saethwr-Hirth. The term "saethwr" is Welsh for "archer". But as the mixing of Old English
and Welsh languages into the same name phrase wasn't really "kosher", the name returned
to the Anglo-Saxon term of "boga".

Sometimes folks have used the word "hird" instead of "hirth" in the names. Both terms are
Old English and as "
hird" means "bodyguard", it has practically the same meaning as "hirth".

Huscarl directly translates as "House Man".   Hus = house   carl = man (as in liege man)
Thus the huscarls are the house troops, or as they are defined by Calontir use, the
troops of the Royal House.


2005, 2006  Baron Modar Neznanich, Order of the Pelican, Volk Herald  (Ron Knight)

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