Legends & Myths

An ongoing site with articles and links on legends & myths as they apply to the Middle Ages and the SCA.

Bulfinch's Mythology

Encyclopedia Mythica by Micha Lindemans

Gareth Long's Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts

The Aberdeen Bestiary

Teutonic Mythological Characters (Germanic, Norway, Iceland, Scandinavia, Finland, Lapland)

Arthurian Heraldry article compiled by Modar Neznanich

Some Notes on Merlin article by C. Scott Littleton and Linda A. Malcor

Vampires and Revenants webpage compiled by Modar Neznanich

Myth and Legend from Ancient Times to the Space Age website by Philip Burns

Myths & Legends website by Christopher B. Siren

Mythology Pages website by the University of Michigan

The Witch of Wookey

Heraldic Myths: (Information to clear up misconceptions involving SCA heraldry)

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