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Fall 1996 - The Canton of Aston Tor forms.

Amongst the Founders of Aston Tor were:
Alcynon Luminore of Gyldawen Abbeie Seneschal
Chidiock the Younger  
Freouwebbe (of Aston Tor) Exchequer
Hertha Blair of Froggestow Herald
James Dexter  
Johanne of Fisher Gate Chronicler
Muirgheal of Cashel Minister of Arts & Sciences
Qara Chinua  
Roise inghean ui Ruaidhri  

April 1997 - The Canton of Aston Tor has it's name and device registered.

Originally the group wanted to register the name "Athenor Tor", referring to a hill upon which an alchemical furnace was located...to reflect the search for knowledge. The fire on the group's device refers to this symbolism. The group's newsletter is entitled The Retort for it's double meaning...both in reference to the alchemical vessel known as a retort, and it being a witty reply.

June 1997 - The Canton of Aston Tor gets its charter for full status.

The lineage of Seneschals for Aston Tor is:
Mistress Alcynon Luminore of Gyldawen Abbeie (formerly Alcynon Feedrea of Gildawen Haven)
Syr Hobb Drake (called Hobbes)
Baron Ferogain of River Shannon  
Lord Gustav Jameson  
Lady Katherine O'Halloran (called Kate)
Lady Halla Ivarsdottir  
Lord Connell O'Carroll  
Lady Áine nic Táilliúir  
Lady Rowan del Wich  
Her Ladyship Banba MacDermot  

The Charter was granted during the reign of King Cuthbert and Queen Branwen (27th Crown in Calontir's Lineage).

Other Notes:

Aston Tor is only the second group in Calontir below Barony level that has registered a Heraldic Title for their group herald.
They have the Sea-Sheep Herald.


Info has been supplied from the following folks:
Áine nic Táilliúir
Briana Etain MacKorkhill
Ferogain of River Shannon
Jadwiga Marina Majewska
Johanne of Fisher Gate
Kristine nic Tallier
Modar Neznanich
Qara Chinua

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