How To Make
Italian Ribbon Coifs

by Baroness Briana Etain MacKorkhill

Materials needed:

Ribbon (10 yd roll)

Wig form or styrofoam head



Beads or Pearls

Fancy braid for front edge (optional)

Take measurements from ear to ear over your head _______

Take measurements from ear to ear around the back of your head _______

(Be sure to compare these measurements to your head form the first time you use the form to be certain that it is the same size)


To start, place your ribbon or braid where you want the front and back of your ribbon. For the front if you want a different braid for it, this is where you will place it.

Then divide the line into equal sections, and start one at a time running ribbon from front to back (Use pins to keep the ribbons in place. Then run ribbon from side to side, one at a time, interweaving among the other ribbons. This provides more strength to the final article.

Once you have all your ribbons cut and held in place by a pin for each intersection, take a pin out of one and stitch the intersection. Two stitches should suffice. Leave all of the others pinned in place while doing this. As you continue to stitch the intersections, it will become easier to work with.

Now that you have the intersections finished, make sure that your corners are nicely turned under. Next you can start decorating your coif with your pearls or beads.

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