Calontir Heraldic Lineage Pelican Medallion

In the SCA there are two Pelican Horse Brass medallions
that have been passed down through the Order of the Pelican,
by members who received their peerage for heraldry.

Here is the lineage of one of those medallions, currently in Calontir.

01. Voung Manh    Kraken Herald
02. Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane   Brigantia Herald
Laurel Sovereign of Arms
03. Graidhne ni Rhuadi   Dragon Herald
04. Vasili iz Naitemneshoi Dollina   Dragon Herald
05. Arwyn Antaradi Gold Falcon Herald (1st)
06. Marten Brker   Gold Falcon Herald
07. Christopher Amber   Gold Falcon Herald
Saker Herald
08. Thryi Haraldsdottir   Gold Falcon Herald
09. Annys de Vernun of Kettering   Hawk Herald (1st)
Saker Herald
10. Modar Neznanich    Saker Herald (1st)
Eyas Herald - GF
Eyas Herald - Saker
Purple Falcon Herald
Gold Falcon Herald
Habicht Herald
11. Dorcas Whitecap

12. Gunnar Thorisson.
  Batelier Herald
Gold Falcon Herald

Vert Hawk Herald