Why Play Fantasy Football?
by Ron “Modar” Knight


Why Play Fantasy Football? A good question, with an array of answers.

1. It provides a football fan with an opportunity to share their interest with others of similar ilk.

2. It adds a level of exhilaration to the games being watched. For example, you might be watching
a game between two teams that normally you would not be interested in (as they are not the local
team and/or not your favorite team)…however, because the win or loss of your fantasy team could
depend on the actions of one or more of the players on these teams [either because they are on your
team or are on the team of your opponent], the action in the game becomes important, exciting, and
even gripping. Every NFL match-up has implications for your fantasy games.

3. It provides the casual football fan with a means of developing more of a rooting interest in the
sport and gives the hardcore fan yet another excuse to be involved in the activity they cherish.

4. There’s room for every level of football fan. With the variety of Fantasy Football Leagues that exist,
from friendly no-cost leagues that exist only for bragging rights to extremely competitive leagues with
trophies…and the diversity of styles of leagues from minimal management and general scoring to creation
of offensive and defensive lines and specialized scoring for sacks, tackles and fumble recoveries…it’s
merely a matter of determining what you prefer. And if you can’t find a league in your area with your
preferences, it’s easy to start a league of your own.  

5. It allows the fan to discover the thrill of owning and managing one’s own team. There are only a few
individuals wealthy enough to have the privilege of owning an actual NFL team.  But thanks to fantasy
football, any fan can experience the fantasy of being a team owner and come to appreciate the intricacies
involved in managing such a team. There is something about this hobby that appeals to both casual and
diehard football fans alike and once they join a fantasy league, most are hooked for life.


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