Examples of Some Triangular Divisions & Charges:
(Per chevron inverted, Pile, Chaussť and Chief Triangular)


Device Examples       Badge Examples
Per chevron inverted: This field division starts on the sides of the shield,
down a little bit from the corners.
Pile: This charge (object) starts in from the corners at the top and extends
down toward the base, but not [usually] touching the bottom. There should NOT be
room for any other object to be placed under the point of the pile.
Chaussť: This field division runs from the top corners to the bottom center.
The example shown would be blazoned, "Gules, chaussť argent." The field
is the red center section and the white edge sections are the chausse portion.
No difference is given between a pile and chaussť (as per April 2000 LoAR),
thus "Argent, a pile gules." is directly in conflict with "Gules, chaussť argent."
Chief Triangular: This ordinary (object) begins in the corners and extends
to a point that is one-quarter to one-third the way down the shield.
INCORRECT: This depiction is often drawn for "per chevron inverted",
but it is incorrect and will be sent back by the College of Arms for a re-draw.
The division line does not issue from the sides and thus cannot be
"per chevron inverted". It does not extend far enough down (to the bottom)
to be chaussť. The top section does not start in from the corners, nor is it
deep enough to be a pile and it is too deep to be a chief triangular.  Do not do this!!!

There is a field division that are similar to the triangular divisions and charges that have already been discussed. But where the previous elements utilize two different tinctures in the design, this motif divides the field into three sections.
Per pall: This field division starts in the corners and extends to a point about the
middle of the shield then splits the design down the middle, making three sections.

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