Forgotten Sea History

Pre-Barony Times
[1976 - 1979]

September 1976
At the World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, Bill Fesselmeyer asks Robert Bailey (Robin Wayne Bailey) if he'd ever heard about the SCA. Robert replies that he has. One of his friends, David Killian, is a herald for the Kingdom of Atenveldt where he is known as Dafydd Dragonstar. Bill then asks Robert and his wife Diana if they'd like to start a local chapter. They agree it would be fun to do so.

Bill then introduces Robert and Diana to a wargaming friend of his, Jeff Key and his wife Mary Ann Key. Plans for the new group begin to take form.

October 1976
A few weeks after the convention, several people got together at a formal costumed meeting at Jeff Key's home to see about getting the fledgling SCA chapter going. Officers are voted on (via secret ballot), mainly because three different people wanted to be herald, including Jeff Key and Bill Fesselmeyer.

They also discussed a name for the group. Originally the group had wanted to align themselves with the Kingdom of Atenveldt and call themselves the Shire of Atenmark. The reason for this is due to the assistance provided the group in getting formed by Robert's friend from Atenveldt, Dafydd Dragonstar. They wanted to thank Dafydd and support his Kingdom's efforts since they had supported them in getting started.

However, they were informed that they had to be part of the Middle Kingdom. They decided to go with a different name then. The three names were considered:

Calontir - suggested by Geoffri of Wareine
Forgotten Sea - suggested by Diane Moonraven (seconded by Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin)
Coeur de la Terre -   suggested by ??

The Shire of Forgotten Sea was selected. The origin behind the name was that Diana (who was a geologist) knew that the area was in the middle of what used to be the Kansas Sea. Since few people even knew such had existed, the name of the Forgotten Sea seemed very appropriate.

The founding members are considered to be Dorian Moonraven (Robert Bailey), Diana Moonraven (Diana Bailey), William Coeur du Boeuf (Bill Fesselmeyer), Rosamund Coeur de Boeuf (Sherry Fesselmeyer), Geoffri of Wareine (Jeff Key) and Endora of Wareine (Mary Ann Key).

Simultaneous to the time of this meeting (and unknown to them), another SCA group had already formed in the Kansas City area by the name of the Shire of the Fountains. This group had filed for official recognition and had been granted such by the MidRealm. The original members of the first SCA group in Kansas City were Ternon Twyrf-Liant [later Ternon de Caerleon] (Randy Niere), Ghleanna Meghan of Kircaldi (Marilyn Niere), Elwyn Fireil Galaberath [later Elwyn of Fountaingrove] (Jan Rogness), Arixa of the Fountains (Alison Tomkins), Andrea of Owl's Roost (Martha DeFries), Kasmar of Eagle's Rest (Jim DeFries), Ansar of Dragoncrest (Joe Cerniglia), Branwen of Ravensgaarde (Sue Cerniglia), Kelson [later Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin] (Mike Nichols), Eilenwy (Gail Nichols), Marcus Antonius (Gary Herndon), Terran of Bladesguard (John Herndon), Byron le Bassen (Mark Wactor) and later included William Coeur du Boeuf (Bill Fesselmeyer) and Rosamund Coeur de Boeuf (Sherry Fesselmeyer).   

November 1976
The Shire of the Fountains had a schism amongst its members. Several people "broke off" from the Fountains group and formed the Shire of the Golden Phoenix. Others having discovered the Shire of Forgotten Sea group, started attending their meetings.

During this time, the Shire of Forgotten Sea had sent in a petition to form a group in Kansas City. 

Because of the schism in the Shire of the Fountains, and the fact that the Shire of the Golden Phoenix had not filed paperwork to become an official group (and perhaps did not know they needed to), the MidRealm Kingdom Seneschal decided to "fold" the Shire of the Fountains and to recognized Forgotten Sea as the official chapter, requiring the members of all the groups to  join together to form one large group. Doing this, the final "conglomeration" of members would hold the first official SCA activity in Kansas City.

November 23, 1976 is considered the birthdate of Forgotten Sea, as they held their first full-scale feast on this date. Amongst the members listed in group records were these individuals (given by their final SCA names):

Geoffri of Wareine, Marianne of Wareine, William Coeur du Boeuf, Rosamund Coeur de Boeuf, Exter of Ville de Park, Elwyn of Fountaingrove, Kyr Moonraven, Diana Rhiannon Moonraven, Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin, Arixa of the Fountains, Richard of Baton, Morgan Griffith of York, Ternon de Caerleon, Kasmar of Eagle's Rest, Ansar of Dragoncrest and Andrea of Owl's Roost.

From early meetings came the Trident Tree device for the group (designed by Geoffri of Wareine). Soon came the time to select a totem beast for the group. It was reasoned that from the sea came the land, from the Trident came the Sea, and from the water to the land comes...the frog. Hence, the frog became the totem beast of Forgotten Sea.

February 1977
At the second Changelings event in Three Rivers, Stephen Ironhand reads the proclamation that the group's application has been completely processed and that Forgotten Sea is legally a branch of the SCA.

Forgotten Sea holds it's first Communiversity class and recruits one member:
Chirhart Blackstar.

The first household formed in the Shire of Forgotten Sea was House Dragonstar (sometimes mistakenly called House Hawkmoon or House Moonraven), named in honor of Dafydd Dragonstar. It's membership included gentles not only from the KC area but also from Florida, Minnesota and Oklahoma. Other households that formed were House Golden Phoenix, House Wareine, Riders of Westbrooke and Ville de Park.

March 1977
The first issue of Forgotten Sea's newsletter,
The Courier's Clarion, is produced.
It carried a message from the herald, a calendar of activities, requirements for
elevation to the level of Laurel and a list of 17 guilds with their guildmasters.

April 1977
Forgotten Sea Members (from group records and Shire Mailing List  in the Courier's Clarion):

Modern Name   SCA Name(s)
Jeff Key - Geoffry Warren
Geoffri of Wareine
(final name)
Mary Ann Key - Endora of Wareine
Marianne of Wareine
(final name)
Patric Key Padric of Wareine
Bill Fesselmeyer - William Coeur du Boeuf
Sherry Fesselmeyer - Rosamund Coeur de Boeuf
Steve Burton - Exter of Ville de Park
Linda Burton - Madeline of Ville de Park
Kitty Burton - Isabell of Ville de Park
?? - Martha of Ville de Park
Jan Rogness
(later Jan Wilner)
- Elwyn Fieriel Galabereth of Caer Enfys
Elwyn Fireil Galaberath
Elwyn of Fountaingrove
(final name)
Robert Bailey - Rhodri Hawkmoon
Dorian Hawkmoon
Dorian Moonraven,
Kyr Moonraven
(final name)
Diana Bailey  - Rhiannon Hawkmoon
Diana Hawkmoon
Diana Moonraven
Diana Rhiannon Moonraven
(final name) 
Michael  Fogal - Anwyn Hawkmoon
Mary FitsGibbon - Alcaid Hawkmoon
Kate Graf - In'serrinna Hawkmoon
Carol Zunker - Eowyn Aelred Hawkmoon
Jeff Campbell - Turlough Ap Campbell
Turlough mac Collin Mor
(final name)
Mike Nichols - Kelson
Gwyddion Cenil Kerontin
Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin
(final name)
Gail Nichols - Eilonwy Andereth
Alison Tomkins - Arixa of the Fountains
Kenneth Sibley - Richard of Baton
Imrael Goldenleaf
Morgan Griffith of York
(final name)
Randy Niere - Ternon Twyrf-Liant
Ternon de Caer Liant,
Ternon de Caerleon
(final name)
Marilyn Niere - Ghleanna Meghan of Kirkcaldy
Jim DeFries - Kasmar of Eagle's Rest
Martha DeFries - Andrea of Owl's Roost
Dianna DeFries - Dia of the Forest Primeval
Joe Cerniglia - Ansar of Dragoncrest
Sue Cerniglia - Branwyn of Ravensgaarde
Gary Herndon - Marcus Antonius
John Herndon - Terran of Bladesguard 
Mark Wactor - Byron le Basse
Jason Brown - Dogon Burdrak
Jonna Jeffries - Sybil Zavascha
Scot Newberry - Ragnar Odesson
Mark Newbold - Aethelred of Morrowbrook
Bryan Reynolds - Them-ki
David Rhaesa - Gotz der Soldner
Jerry Swett - Asa Tai San
Sharon Toms - Anh of Long Marston
Steven Utsey - Stephan of Kor
Carl Wilson - Nigel Campbell
Chris Wolf - James von Wolf
Patricia Wolf - ??
Chris Comminellis - Bertoile le Fort
George Comminellis - ??
Mary Comminellis - ??
Raylene Desmarteau - ??
Lea Desmarteau - ??
Paetra Desmarteau - ??
Mary Ann Baltuska - ??
Margo Maupin - ??
Steve Paustian - ??
Karen Lilly - ??

June 1977
Jerome Wilner (Davro son of Davril) joins the Kansas City SCA group.

The Courier's Clarion lists these gentles as officers:

Seneschal: Geoffri of Wareine 
Herald: Rhodri Hawkmoon 
Knight Marshal:  Marcus Antonius
Exchequer: Rhiannon Hawkmoon 
Chronicler: Arixa of the Fountains 
Couriers: Elwyn Fireil Galaberath
Andrea of Owl's Roost
Rhiannon Hawkmoon 
Arixa of the Fountains

July 1977
Forgotten Sea gets its first three authorized fighters: Ansar of Dragoncrest, Exter of Ville de Park and Ternon Twyrf-Liant
(later Ternon de Caerleon). They were authorized on July 9 at the event held in Three Rivers.

August 1977
On August 13, Forgotten Sea hosts it's first Kingdom-level event: The Feast of Siblings.

The first Eisteddfodd (A&S competition) is held.

The first Champion of Calontir tournament is held.
The winner is:
Brummbär von Schwarzberg

Forgotten Sea gets it's fourth authorized fighter: Dorian Moonraven.

An archery competition is held. Amongst the entrants are the nine archers making up the Forgotten Sea Archery Corps. The winner is: Dorian Moonraven. Second place goes to Arixa of the Fountains.

At the event Stephen Ironhand presents Forgotten Sea with a mascot, named Knee-Deep, (a stuffed toy frog).

Reports for August state:

The exchequery has $76.94

The populace numbers 41.

The Courier's Clarion newsletter mentions:

1. The herald's office has a Shire Book of Arms. It lists the device of members plus has songs
    and poetry written about the shire and its members.
2. Exter of Ville de Park takes over as Knight Marshal from Marcus Antonius.
3. Imrael Goldenleaf takes over as Shire Historian from Ansar of Dragoncrest.
4. Reports from these guilds:
  Armorer's - Ternon is Guildmaster
  Puppetry - Kasmar is Guildmaster
  Candlemaking - Andrea is Guildmistress
  Diviners (palmistry, tarot, etc) - Gwydion is Guildmaster
  Vintners - Gwydion is Guildmaster
  Distaff (fiber arts) - Arixa is Guildmistress
  M.A.D. (Music and Dance) - Elwyn is Guildmistress
5. Notes from the August 6 Shiremoot, states that the Seneschal announces that Forgotten Sea
    has been invited to participate in the Renaissance Faire at Bonner Springs. He is noted as
    saying, "Before you vote, I just wanted to let you know that I've already committed us."

Additional members not listed before include:

Modern Name   SCA Name(s)
Jerry Wilner - Davro son of Davril son of Davin 
Truman Barnes  - Chirhart the Black Star 
Don Buck  - Incanus Olorin
Margo Maupin - Morgana
Pamela Nolan - Siobhan Gleanna in aice Killaore 
Pat Taylor - Gillian of Andeleys
Alaric Terrason - Alaric Elwin Acwulf of Wolverhampton
John Cleeton - John the Elder
Carol Cleeton - ??
Susan Cleeton - ??
Dorothy Comminellis - ??
Daphne Comminellis - ??
Cindy Higgins - ??
William Pitchford - ??
Jim Olson - ??
Barbara Wolf - ??
Patricia Wolf - ??

September 1977
Forgotten Sea gets it's fifth authorized fighter, Davro son of Davril.

Guild deputies are appointed for the first time because of so much growth.

The Guild of Assassins makes it's first appearance, listed in The Courier's Clarion.
Shakari is listed as Guildmaster.

There is a RenFest commercial made with Dorian Moonraven and Arixa. It is shown most often on Channel 9 KMBC.

Rains cause great flooding in the Plaza area, and Kasmar & Andrea are washed out.
Knee-Deep "dies" in the flood. Baron Stephen Ironhand graciously replaces her with
Knee-Deep II, but she is a female mouse (who will reside at Warreineheim). Forgotten Sea has it's first "plague rat", a symbol that Baron Stephen would become known for.

The archers of Forgotten Sea prove it is skill not equipment that makes an archer. In a challenge from the Bonner Springs Gun and Rod Club, whose members used compound bows and aluminum shafts against Forgotten Sea's traditional bows, Dorian Moonraven is part of a three-way tie for first.

Bards guild (Imrael is Guildmaster), Cooks guild and Woodworking guild noted as active. 

October 15, 1977 

Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin receives his Award of Arms.     

November 19, 1977
Forgotten Sea holds the first anniversary feast. 
It is held at the clubhouse of El Dorado Royale Apts.

December 1977

Officer List

Office   SCA Name
Seneschal - Geoffri of Wareine
Deputy Seneschal  - Arixa of the Fountains 
Deputy Seneschal  - Endora of Wareine
Knight Marshal   - Ternon Caer-Liant
Constable  Exter of Ville de Park
Listmaker - Davro son of Davril
Pursuivant/Herald Dorian Moonraven
Deputy Pursuivant  Chirhart the Black Star 
Deputy Pursuivant Imrael Goldenleaf
Master of Arts Kasmar of Eagle's Rest 
Master of Sciences  Davro son of Davril
Chronicler Arixa of the Fountains 
Exchequer Endora of Wareine
Chatelaine Andrea of Owl's Roost
Historian Madeline of Ville de Park 

Additional members not listed before include:

Modern Name   SCA Name(s)
Susan Sybert - Arrianna Alessandra of Dovehaven 
Noel Good  - ??
Ron Miriani - ??
Marilyn Miriani  - ??
Mike Severens  - ??
Julie Severens - ??

?? in 1977
Dorian Moonraven wins the Middle Kingdom's Poet Laureate competition.

February 1978
At the Changelings event (in Three Rivers) King Merowald and Queen Kirsten present
Award of Arms to Geoffri, Endora, Kasmar, Andrea, Madeline and Ternon.

Reported in The Courier's Clarion:

A note on a call in to KNCW on Feb 11 (John Jessup radio talk show). A caller asked if King Henry's Feast had anything to do with the SCA. The representative replied ,"No, but several of their members have come to King Henry's in costume, and I am embarrassed to say that their costumes are better than ours."

April 1978
Forgotten Sea holds its second major Kingdom event, the Feast of Sprites.
It was the largest event held in Calontir up to that time with 134 people attending,
including King Merowald.

Forgotten Sea gains three new fighters: Anwyn Greywulf of Dragonstar,
Chirhart Blackstar and Terran of Bladesgarde.

Dorian Moonraven receives his Award of Arms.

Ternon swears oath and becomes the King's squire.

May 1978
Award of Arms are given to Elwyn Fireil Galaberath (later Elwyn of Fountaingrove)
and Diana Rhianon Moonraven.

July 1978
On the 29th of the month, Forgotten Sea hosts their first Interkingdom Tourney. Called the Tourney at the Center of the Known World and held in Park Villa, MO.

At this event the first ever Calontir awards were given. They were presented by the new officers of The Region of Calontir.  These awards were:

Calon Lily  - Robert Sartor von Pays-bas
Silver Hammer   - William of Bellwood
Huscarl  - Brummbar von Schwarzberg
Fyrdmen  - Humpk d'Bohun    (William Vatavia)
William of Bellwood
Guillaume le Chein Blanc
Ternon de Caer Liant    (Ternon de Caerleon)
Stephen Ironhand

August 1978
Forgotten Sea takes part in a special episode of a local television program about Kansas City, called "Bodine's Beat". Members participate in a parade for ABC's Silver Anniversary.

November 1978
Forgotten Sea has it's first medieval wedding. Chirhart Blackstar married Aloysia of Ironweede Marshe.
Royalty from both the MidRealm and Atenveldt attended. Aloysia received her Award of Arms and
Chirhart a grant of land.

On Nov 26, at the event in Yestred Stradele (Lawrence, KS) an official ceremony is done in court,
re-stating that Ternon is squire to Merowald .

December 1978

Notes from previous baronial histories say:
"Danelok forms. (This is the dark side of the history. Politics, squabbling, all that intrigue.)" 
No details are given.

Feb 10, 1979

Forgotten Sea made a Barony.

Geoffri of Wareine & Marianne of Wareine are made Baron & Baroness of Forgotten Sea.

March - May 1979

A newsletter entitled "DaneLogs" Vol. 1, No. 1 dated May 11, 1979 (A.S. XIV) shows to be the newsletter for the newly forming Shire of Danelok [located in the Kansas City metro area].  Notes from the newsletter include the information:


The acting officers for the Shire of Danelok are as follows:

SENESCHAL - Stephan (the Gypsy) of Hearthton-Under-the-Hill
HERALD - Lord Chirhart Blackstar
MISTRESS OF ARTS - Lady Diana Rhíańon MoonRaven
MISTRESS OF SCIENCES - Lady Aloysia of Ironweed Marshe
KNIGHT MARSHALL - Rupert von Reichesdorf
STEWARD - Chatherine of Fairshaven
EXCHEQUER - Maryvona Burneli
BOWMASTER - Lord Dorian MoonRaven

Elections for all permanent officers will be held the evening of May 18 at the monthly shiremoot hosted at Dragonstar at 8:00p.m.


EDITOR - Lord Chirhart Blackstar
ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE - Bridget Goldenhair
REPORTER - Lord Dorian MoonRaven


May 16, 1979 at Johnson Elementary Schools; Lochiel of Hearthton-Under-the-Hill is autocrat of event.


After only three work sessions, Danelok's charter is complete. Presented at the first shire revel held at Dragonstar on Saturday April 8th, the ten-page document was read aloud and unanimously accepted/cheered by the membership. The charter outlines all procedures for shire government, providing for the election of officers, establishing a shire council and a guild council.


Upon learning that our first application for shire status was lost in the mail, a second packet has been mailed to Rory O'Temrair. The packet contains a copy of the Application for Permission to Form a Branch of the SCA, a copy of Danelok's charter, a complete list of the original eightenn charter members, an emblazon of the Danelok device and copies of the guild charters of the Horsemasters, Musicians and Needleworkers.  we are now waiting for a response.


Azure, a black poplar branch palewise proper between two dolphins embowed haurient respectant and on a chief argent, a chain of three links fesswise, the center link broken, sable between two Laurel wreaths vert.

A banner of the design, sewn by Aieshaya the Turk, first flew on April 10, 1979 at the Calon Tourney event in Ystred Straddele.

Spring - Summer 1979

Shire of Danelok re-forms with Barony of Forgotten Sea.


Shire of Forgotten Sea Line of Heralds

William Coeur du Boeuf     (Bill Fesselmeyer)   [For about a month, then steps aside]
Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin     (Mike Nichols)   [Herald of former Shire of the Golden Phoenix]
Rhodri Hawkmoon   (Robert Bailey)    
Imrael Goldenleaf   (Kenneth Sibley)    
Chirhart Blackstar   (Truman Barnes)  

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