Forgotten Sea History Project

This is the beginning of an ongoing project.

Gaps are being filled and corrections made as fast as information
can be compiled and verified.
[ If you have info to add, contact Baron Modar at: ]

Much thanks goes to Master Crag Duggan and his Calontir History Pages.

Additional thanks to Lochiel of Hearthton for her 
A History of History article in the Nov. AS XXI Clarion
and to
Yamashiro Kato for the
Pictorial History of Calontir pages.

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Pre-Barony Times       Barony Times
[1976 - 1979]       [1979 - present]

BFS Hall of Remembrance

The Song of Forgotten Sea

 Battle of the Forgotten Sea

BFS Heraldry Armorial

Calontir Barony Info

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