Newcomer Information
Welcome to the SCA!!!

This webpage is for folks who have discovered the
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
and are interested in getting involved.

The following articles are presented to assist new members.

Part 1:   Welcome !!!  
Part 2:   Advice: Six Steps to Enhance Your SCA Experience  
Part 3:  

What are all these group names and where are they located?

     Map of Calontir
Part 4:

Who is in Charge?

Part 5:   General SCA Terms  
Part 6:   Choosing an SCA Name  
Part 7:   What to Wear at SCA Activities  
Part 8:   Activities to do in the SCA  
Part 9:  

Events: What to Take, What to Do

Part 10:  

Courtesy, Etiquette and Gentle Behavior

Part 11:   Creating a Heraldic Device  
Part 12:  

Awards of Calontir

Part 13:  

Who are the folks in the fancy stuff?

Part 14:  

Interacting with the Royalty

Part 15:   Newcomer’s Survival Guide to Lilies War  
    Permission to Print  

Other articles of possible interest:
  Why Register Your SCA Name and Armory?    

Kingdom of   Barony of   Canton of   Shire of
Calontir   Forgotten Sea   Aston Tor   Cm an Iolair
Four-state Region      Kansas City   Lee's Summit and   Southern Johnson
of Kansas, Missouri,    Metro Area   Blue Springs area   & Miami Counties
Iowa and Nebraska              in Kansas
plus Fayetteville, AR            

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A great idea is this book title.
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for the edification of the members of the SCA and the general populace interested in learning about the SCA.
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