The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) began in 1966. It has grown into an international,
not-for-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study, research, teaching, preservation
and re-creation of pre-17th century European culture, which are known as the Middle Ages and
Renaissance eras.

The SCA is similar to many of the Civil War re-enactment groups, but simply covers a different
(and wider) span of time and a larger number of countries.

Our organization’s name explains a lot about us. An anachronism is something that is out of its
proper time frame. In this case we’re re-creating the Middles Ages in the modern world. The
creative part comes from how we’re approaching this re-creation. It has been said that the
SCA recreates the Middle Ages “as they should have been”. And while it’s true that we forego
things like plagues, inquisitions and fleas and do utilize modern indoor plumbing; a better
description is that we selectively recreate medieval culture, choosing elements of the culture
that interest and attract us.

The SCA is perhaps best described as a living history hobby organization, as we take an
approach different from many study groups. Rather than just reading about history or just
viewing artifacts in a museum, we research aspects of history and attempt to produce the
items associated with the research. For example, after researching armor, we then make
actual replicas of the armor, which we use in re-creation of combat. We also offer classes
to our members of various topics dealing with our studies and research in the arts, crafts,
technologies and sciences of the Middle Ages.

In emulation of the Middle Ages, the SCA has divided the world into regions known as Kingdoms.
The Kingdom of Calontir consists of Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and part of Arkansas.
Within these kingdoms are local chapters or groups of members (called shires, cantons,
strongholds, baronies, etc).

There are three SCA groups in the Kansas City Metro area:

The Shire of Cm an Iolair covers southern Johnson County and Miami County in Kansas.
Cm an Iolair means “Valley of Eagles” and their heraldic device contains and eagle. For
information on the group’s focus, activities, history, meeting times and locations, peruse the
Shire webpage at: www.shireofcai.org

The Barony of Forgotten Sea covers the general Kansas City Metro area. It is named for the
large sea that once covered the area and their heraldic device contains a tree emerging from
the head of a trident. The Barony is the oldest and largest of the three groups. For information
on the group’s focus, activities history, meeting times and locations, peruse the Barony webpage
at: www.bfs-kc.org/

The Canton of Aston Tor covers the Blue Springs, Lee's Summit and Jackson County area in
Missouri. It's name refers to a hill upon which an alchemical furnace was located...to reflect the
search for knowledge. Their heraldic device has a flame (of enlightenment) to reflect this symbolism.
For information on the group’s focus, activities history, meeting times and locations, peruse the
Canton webpage at: tor-webpage

There are also several SCA groups near the Kansas city Metro area:

The Canton of Loch Smythe - covering Platte & Clay Counties in Missouri
The Shire of Dun Ard - located in Leavenworth, Kansas
The Shire of Lost Forest - located in Warrensburg, Missouri
The Shire of Lost Moor - located in St. Joseph, Missouri
The Shire of Carlsby - located in Lawrence, Kansas
The Shire of Crescent Moon - located in Topeka, Kansas

Like other clubs, the local chapters of the SCA have various meetings and activities. Many of these
are held "in garb", meaning that members wear clothes made like those from the Middle Ages. The
larger activities (called events) that are held usually focus on re-creating a day at a medieval faire,
royal tournament or special feast day.

There is a wide variety of arts, sciences and crafts that are practiced in the SCA. Just a few of these are:

     Archery, Bardic Arts & Story-Telling, Equestrian Activities, Blacksmithing, Brewing & Vintning,
     Bookbinding, Calligraphy & Illumination, Pottery, Clothes-making (including accessories),
     Combat Fighting, Armour-making, Chainmail, Weaponsmithing, Glasswork, Cooking, Fishing,
     Drawing & Painting, Heraldry, Jesters & Foolery, Herbalism, Leatherwork, Metalwork, Woodworking,
     Fiber Arts, Needlework, Embroidery, Lace-making, Knitting, Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing,
     Jewelrywork, Games & Toys, Tent-making, Performance Arts (Dance, Music, Singing, & Theatre),
     Candlemaking, Soapmaking, Papermaking as well as Children's Activities.

If a craft happened in the Middle Ages, you will probably find someone in the SCA doing it!
For further info on these activities, please visit this webpage: sca-interests


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