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What is a Persona?

In the SCA, a persona is the fictional person you wish to have been, had you lived some time prior to 1600 A.D. Also referred to as your persona story, it involves your SCA name and the history/background you create for that imaginary life.

The manner and extent to which individuals develop their persona will vary greatly. Some kingdoms encourage more persona development than others. Some locales have sub-groups such as Tournament Companies (or certain Households) that focus on a particular time period or a specific culture.  Folks involved with such an assemblage would design their persona stories to fit into that group's area of interest.

Everyone should create their persona to the extent they have an interest in such.  Persona stories can be simply or elaborate. Following are some examples.

Persona Links & Research Tools


Research Questions for Developing a Persona

A wonderful example of persona development through research and visualization:

La Bella Donna: Re-creating a Woman of the Italian Renaissance
by Giata Magdalena Alberti

A selection of articles on period topics from this on-going blog-site:

Blog Article 1   - Vita Quotidiana
Blog Article 2   - Abbigliamento
Blog Article 3   - 16th Century Handwash
Blog Article 4   - Sekanjabin, a Persian Refreshment
Blog Article 5   - Renaissance Advice Column: Ask Giada
Blog Article 6   - Bards, Troubadours, Poets
Blog Article 7   - Scandalous Mothers, Secret Books, and Courtiers, Oh My!
Blog Article 8   - Italian Wardrobe Inspiration
Blog Article 9   - Persian Refreshments from the Middle Ages
Blog Article 10 - Italian Renaissance Games – Gioci
Blog Article 11 - Alchemy in Renaissance Italy
Blog Article 12 - Gaspara Stampa (Renaissance Poet)

PERSONA NAME CONSULTATION (For those persona-oriented members)
by Giata Magdalena Alberti

Seamus Donn's Persona Story

Rhonwen y Llysieuydd's Persona Story

Portraying a Japanese Buddhist Monk in the SCA

Echna dalta engusa's Persona Story

Finding a Rapier Persona
by Isobel Grace Hadleigh

Finding a Name and Arms for the Historical Re-Creation
by Alan Fairfax

On Choosing a Name and a Persona; A Quick and Dirty Guide
by Daniel Raoul Le Vascon du Navarre

The Research Page

Creating a Heraldic Device 

WHO'S WHEN: A History Timeline
(A list of people that can be researched to determine historic events that would impact the lives of your persona.)

Modar's Persona Links

Having been in the SCA since 1976, I have developed a wide variety of interests. There is no way to reconcile all
of the activities I do into one persona.  Hence I have created several personas.  These include:

Modar Neznanich (primary persona)   -   Late Period Russian
Adam Lovecraft   -   English Scholar
Brother Modar the Unknown   -   13th century Knights Templar
Okami Moro-naga   -   Japanese Samurai
Rinaldo Moretto de Brescia   -   Italian Renaissance Gentleman
Renaud de Sable   -   Tudor Period Gentle of French/English Descent
Raonull Modar (of Clan Menzies)   -   16th century Scotsman
Ithel Kynith   -   13th century Welsh Archer
Dibikad Ma'iingan   -   Ojibwa native name given to me by my Amer. Indian grandfather, when I was twelve.

Clicking on the names above will take you to a webpage with information and links on that persona's culture and/or
interests. Alternately, clicking
here will take you to the webpage which has photos plus SCA info about me.

Missing in Action (Links No Longer Valid)
Please let me know (see email address below) if you know where these articles/web-pages now are.

Persona stories of various gentles from the Shire of Adamestor

Four Easy Steps To Persona Development


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