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My modern name is Ron Knight.
In the SCA, I am called Modar Neznanich.
My persona is that of a 16th century Russian Muscovite.
My symbol is the wolf.
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I am known majorly for my interest and knowledge in Heraldry.
 I have had the honor of serving the Kingdom of Calontir
in the capacity of Herald, holding various offices, including
the first Saker Herald (submissions), as Eyas Herald, 
as Purple Falcon Herald, as Habicht Herald
and as interim Gold Falcon Principal Herald.
Additionally, I have served the SCA College of Arms and
Laurel Sovereign of Arms Office helping with various projects.
For my time served as a herald, 
I have been given the Heraldic Title:
Volk Herald Extraordinary
(Volk is the Russian word for "wolf".)

This is my coat-of-arms.
The heraldic blazon for it is:
Per pale purpure and argent, in fess two mullets of 
eight interlocking mascles counterchanged.

The heraldic blazon for my personal badge is:
[Fieldless] A wolf rampant purpure.
 The baronial coronet worn about the wolf's neck
symbolizes my term as a Territorial Baron.



My lady-wife Briana and I have the great honor of  having been the
8th Baron and Baroness of Forgotten Sea.
The Role of a Baronage
(an article by Modar & Briana)
The Shire of Cm an Iolair
is an SCA group in the KC metro area
that I have the honor of being connected with also.
The Canton of Aston Tor
is home to many good friends
and I attend most of their meetings too.

I have been honored by the Society and my Kingdom 
with the following awards, titles, recognitions and accolades: 

    Award of Arms (for offices held and duties performed)
    Order of the Leather Mallet (for skill in leathercraft)
    Order of the Silver Hammer   (for advanced skill in leathercraft)
    Order of the Torse (for service)
    Order of the Calon Cross (for extended service)
    Territorial Baron (Barony of Forgotten Sea  1999-2002)
    Court Baron (for service as Territorial Baron)
    * Order of the Pelican (for exceptional service)
[noted as Service to Society & Devotion to Heraldry]

For more information on SCA Awards, click HERE.

I also have a household in the SCA, known as House Leatherwolf

The badge for it is blazoned: Per pale sable and argent, 
three wolf's teeth issuant from dexter and as 
many from sinister counterchanged .


Over the years I have taken on various individuals as students,
teaching them about heraldry. Since becoming a member of the
Order of the Pelican, I have begun taking
protgs also,
aiding them in learning about service and their
endeavors to enrich and improve the SCA.

Most are from a variety of groups in Calontir, but some are
from other kingdoms. To see a list, click here.

Here is info on some of my other interests:
Medieval Games, Leathercraft, Archery, Persona Research,
Cooking, Clothing, Knights Templar, General Research,
  Russian History, Mongol History, Tudor History,
  Italian Renaissance History, Scottish History,
Welsh HistoryWoodworking, Bone, Horn & Antler Work,
Embroidery, Medieval Armour, Medieval Hand Weapons,
Thrown Weapons, Poetry, Spices, Medieval Furniture
Medieval Fishing, Legends & Myths, Samurai History,   
Mottoes and Medieval Vampire Lore.
Here is info on other activities that I hope to have time to study in the future:
Ministry of Children Activities, Metalwork, Bardic Arts, Equestrian Activities,
Soapmaking, Pavilion-making, Glasswork, Fiber Arts, Pottery, Herbalism,
Medieval Tournaments, Calligraphy & Illumination, Jesting & Foolery, Brewing,
Lace-making, Medieval & Renaissance Marriage/Wedding Customs,
Romance, Norse History, Medieval Pirates , Falconry  
Vexillology, Songs and several other miscellaneous crafts.


  I have the honor of being associated
with the 
Order of the Temple of Solomon
and be the
of the 
Baillie of Sidon.
(SCA Website for SCA Templars)

Because of my many interests, I have several personas.
My main persona is:

Modar Neznanich   --  16th century Russian spice merchant

My alternate personas include:

Adam Lovecraft - English Scholar
Modar le Templar
aka Brother Modar the Unknown
- 13th century Knights Templar
Okami Moro-naga - Japanese Samurai
Rinaldo Moretto de Brescia - Italian Renaissance Gentleman
Renaud de Sable - Tudor Period Gentle of French/English Descent
Raonull Modar (of Clan Menzies) - 16th century Scotsman
Ithel Kynith - 13th century Welsh Archer
Dibikad Ma'iingan - Ojibwa native name given to me by my
American Indian grandfather, when I was twelve.

I have been active in the SCA since 1976. 
The groups that I am currently connected with are the 
Barony of Forgotten Sea, the Canton of Aston Tor and the Shire of Cum an Iolair.

 Because of these years of involvement, I have created the following webpages:

Forgotten Sea History
(check it out)

Forgotten Sea Heraldry
(blazons & emblazons)

Forgotten Sea Awards
(names & symbols)

Hall of Remembrance
(in memory)

 My wife, Briana, is very active in the area of Arts & Sciences, 
especially making medieval clothing. 

Our good friend, Jadwiga, is also in the SCA and is quite good 
both at cooking and well as fiber arts.

To find out more about all this, check out these links:

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Briana Etain MacKorkhill     Heraldry     Jadwiga Marina Majewska
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Poetry     New Member Info     WHO'S WHEN: A History Timeline

Upcoming Events

Calontir Arts & Sciences Criteria Page

Which are Arts and Which are Sciences ?

Modar's Book List

If you have an interest in
H.P. Lovecraft and the SCA
check out

House Fhtagn

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Modar's SCA Page (and sub-pages) are published by Ron Knight (known in the SCA as Modar Neznanich)
for the edification of the members of the of the SCA, including the Barony of Forgotten Sea (and its cantons)
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Argent, a pelican sable vulning itself gules, a bordure sable.

Home of the Black Pelican

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              Baron Modar Neznanich, OPel, Volk Herald Extraordinary (Ron Knight)

* This pelican image is a slightly altered version of a picture from A Dictionary of Heraldry edited by Stephen Friar
(with illustrations by John Ferguson, Andrew Jamieson, and Anthony Wood), Harmony Books, New York, 1987,
pg 266, ISBN 0-517-5665-6