Football has a long and illustrious heritage. During its history, before the actual creation of the NFL,
during the NFL's formative days as well as in today’s modern existence, there have been a wide
variety of teams. Following is a list of many of those notable football teams. Some of these teams
(particularly in the early days) did not have mascot titles. Several you will recognize as the names
of some of today’s baseball clubs, but during their time, they were also the name of a football team.
In some cases this was because a baseball franchise sponsored them. In other cases, they had a
name that was later re-used by baseball owners. If you are a football fan and you are not familiar
with some of these clubs, you might want to do some research. It will show you an incredible history.
Akron Pros     Duluth Eskimos     Oreos Athletic Club of Asbury Park
Allegheny Athletic Association     Duquesne Country & Athletic Club     Philadelphia Athletics
Arizona Cardinals     Frankford Yellowjackets     Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons     Franklin Athletic Club     Philadelphia Phillies
Baltimore Colts     Green Bay Packers     Philadelphia Quakers
Baltimore Ravens     Hammond Pros     Phil-Pitt [Steagles]
Benwood     Houston Oilers     Phoenix Cardinals
Benwood-Moundsville     Indianapolis Colts     Pine Village Pros
Boston Braves     Jacksonville Jaguars     Pittsburgh Athletic Club
Boston Patriots     Jeannette Athletic Club     Pittsburgh Pirates
Boston Redskins     Kanaweola Athletic Club     Pittsburgh Stars
Boston Shamrocks     Kansas City Chiefs     Pittsburgh Steelers
Boston Yanks     Kansas City Wolves  [1924]     Portsmouth Spartans
Brooklyn Dodgers     Kenosha ??? [1924]     Pottsville Maroons
Brooklyn Tigers     Latrobe Athletic Association     Providence Steam Roller
Buffalo All-Americans     Latrobe YMCA     Racine Cardinals
Buffalo Bills     Los Angeles Bulldogs     Rochester Jeffersons
Canton Athletic Club     Los Angeles Chargers     Rock Island Independents
Canton Bulldogs     Los Angeles Raiders     San Diego Chargers
Card-Pitt     Los Angeles Rams     San Francisco 49ers
Carolina Panthers     Los Angeles Tigers     Seattle Seahawks
Charleston Rockets Massillon Tigers Shelby Athletic Club
Chicago Bears     Miami Dolphins     St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cardinals     Minnesota Vikings     St. Louis Gunners
Chicago Tigers     Morgan Athletic Club     St. Louis Rams
Cincinnati Bengals     Moundville     St. Paul Ideals
Cincinnati Reds     Muncie Flyers     Staten Island Stapeltons
Cleveland Browns     New England Patriots     Syracuse Athletic Club
Cleveland Bulldogs     New Orleans Saints     Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cleveland Indians     New York     Tennessee Oilers
Cleveland Rams     New York Bulldogs     Tennessee Titans
Columbus Bullies     New York Giants     The Yanks
Columbus Panhandlers     New York Jets     Toledo Maroons
Dallas Cowboys     New York Knickerbockers     Warlow Athletic Club
Dallas Texans     New York Titans     Washington Redskins
Dayton Triangles     New York Yankees     Watertown Red and Blacks
Decatur Staleys     Normals     Wheeling Ironmen
Denver Broncos     Oakland Raiders    
Detroit Heralds     Ohio Valley Panthers      
Detroit Lions     Oorang Indians      
Detroit Panthers     Orange Athletic Club      

Some football leagues and teams associated with them:

Continental Football League (1965-1969)

Alabama Hawks
Arkansas Diamonds
Charleston Rockets
Chicago Owls
Hartford Charter Oaks
Indianapolis Capitols
Las Vegas Cowboys
Mexico Golden Aztecs
Michigan Arrows
Norfolk Neptunes
Ohio Valley Ironmen (Wheeling)
Oklahoma City Plainsmen
Orange County Ramblers
Philadelphia Bulldogs
Quad Cities Raiders
Seattle Rangers
Spokane Shockers
Victoria Steelers

World Football League (1974-1975)

Birmingham Americans
Birmingham Vulcans
Boston Bulls
Chicago Fire
Chicago Winds
Detroit Wheels
Florida Blazers
Jacksonville Sharks
Memphis Southmen
New York Stars
Philadelphia Bell
Southern California Sun
The Hawaiians

United States Football League (1983-1985)

Birmingham Stallions
Boston Breakers
Chicago Blitz
Houston Gamblers
Jacksonville Bulls
Los Angeles Express
Oakland Invaders
Oklahoma Outlaws
Philadelphia Stars
Tampa Bay Bandits

Professional Spring Football League (1992)
[went bankrupt, no games ever played]

Arkansas Miners
Carolina Cougars
Miami Tribe
Nevada Aces
New England Blitz
New Mexico Rattlesnakes
Oregon Lightning Bolts
Tampa Bay Outlaws
Utah Pioneers
Washington Marauders

Women's Tackle Football Teams Known to Have Existed From the 1960s to the 1980s

Atlanta Angels --1979
Battle Creek Rainbows--at least 1981 and 1983
California Mustangs
--mid-to-late 1970s
Chicago Sirens--1976 to 1977
Cleveland Brewers--at least 1978 to late 1980s
Cleveland USA Daredevils--early 1970s
Columbus Pacesetters--1973 to 1988
Dallas Bluebonnets--circa 1972 to 1975
Dallas-Fort Worth Shamrocks--circa 1974 to 1979
Dayton Fillies--1974
Detroit Demons--1974 to 1978
Detroit Fillies--early 1970s
Grand Rapids Carpenters--1980s
Hollywood Stars--1978 to 1979
Houston Her-ricanes--1976 to 1981
Kalamazoo Rainbows--mid-1980s
Lansing  Unicorns
Lawton Tornadoes
--1978 to 1979
Long Beach Queens--1978 to 1979
Long Island Hurricanes (a.k.a. Her-ricanes)--mid-1970s
Los Angeles Dandelions--1973 to 1980
Los Angeles Scandals--1984/85
Mesa American Girls--1978
Middletown Mavericks--1976 to mid-1980s
Midwest Cowgirls--early 1970s
New York Fillies--1972 to circa 1974
Oklahoma City Dolls--1976 to 1979, 1982 revival attempt.
Pasadena Roses--1975 to 1978
Philadelphia Queen Bees--1976 to 1977
Phoenix Cowgirls--1978
Pittsburgh Hurricanes
Pittsburgh Powderkegs
Redmond Sex Killers
San Antonio Flames--1976
San Antonio Rose--1976
San Diego Lobos--1975 to 1976
San Jose Ravens--mid-1970s
Seattle Lakers--1979
Southland Cowgirls--1978 to 1979
Texas Fireflies--mid-1970s
Toledo Furies--1983 to 1987
Toledo Troopers--1971 to 1979
Toronto Canadian Belles--early 1970s
Tucson Wild Kittens--1978
Tulsa Babes--1976 to 1978

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