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In the SCA, I am known as
 Jadwiga Marina Majewska.

Mistress of the Order of the Pelican
Baroness of the Court

The heraldic blazon for my coat-of-arms is:

Lozengy Or and gules ermined Or, on a chief indented Or
a cat couchant purpure.

  The heraldic blazons of my two badges are:
Badge 1: Or ermined gules, a domestic cat couchant purpure.
Badge 2: Gyronny argent ermined purpure and purpure, a cross flory
  gyronny purpure and argent within a bordure counterchanged.

I joined the Society in A.S. XVII (1982) and have received
from my Kingdom the following awards:
AoA (Award of Arms)
Order of the Torse (for service to Calontir)
Order of the Leather Mallet (for skill in cooking)
Order of the Silver Hammer (for extensive skill in cooking)
Court Baroness (for continued service to Calontir)
Order of the Cross of Calontir (for extensive service to Calontir)
Order of the Pelican (for exceptional service to Calontir & Society)

My SCA home group is the
Shire of Cm an Iolair.
My interests include Heraldry, Needlework and Cooking.
Check out my cooking page for recipes and related articles.
I have previously served as the
Saker Herald
the Kingdom of Calontir.

I belong to a SCA household
known as
House Leatherwolf 

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Calontir Arts & Sciences Criteria

New Criteria Page
This is the web version of the new A&S Criteria

Former Criteria Page
This is the web version of the A&S Criteria Revision Project
that Baroness Briana Etain MacKorkhill had completed when
she was the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

Which are Arts and Which are Sciences ?

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Jadwiga's e-mail: jadwiga@everestkc.net

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