World War I Airplanes

I have a great love for WWI aircraft.
The courage of the men willing to go up in what
were known as "flying coffins" is incredible.

My favorite plane of that era is the SPAD XIII.

If you are interested, or curious about WWI aircraft, click below.

The Aerodrome: Aces & Aircraft of WWI

The Red Fighter Pilot
(on-line edition of Manfred von Richthofen's 1917 book Der Rote Kampfflieger)

Fighting the Flying Circus
(on-line edition of Eddie Rickenbacker's World War One memoirs)

Spitfire Spares
(Propellers for planes, include WWI aircraft)

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Aces of WWI

WWI Aircraft Insignia

The Old Planes Photo Page

World War I Images

Antique Airplanes

The 27th Pursuit Squadron


Flying Circle
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WWI Aircraft

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Dark Autumn: The German Zeppelin Offensive of 1916

World War One Aircraft: Woodworking

World War I Era Aircraft Models

Like many others with an interest in WWI,
I am interested in the Red Baron,
Manfred von Richthofen


Other WWI flyers I am seeking information on are:

Duerson Knight       Arthur Knight
A distant relative.       A possible relative.

Info on:

Sopwith Triplane   Sopwith Tabloid   Sopwith Pup
Nieuport 17   Sopwith Camel   Nieuport 28

Albatross DVa   Etrich Taube   Fokker EIII Eindecker
Fokker Dr I   Fokker D-VII   Fokker DVIII

Other WWI sites of interest:

World War I - Trenches on the Web

WWI Tanks

To check another great interest of mine, try Modar's Heraldry Page .

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