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Combat Articles

Getting Started in SCA Combat
by Gunnbjorn Gunnarsson

Bellatrix School of Fighting

Sword Maiden

House IronRose

IronRose Resources

Practical Pelling (or How to practice when everyone else is out of town)
by Thomas of Aylesbury

Essential Training: the Pell
by Stewart Feil

The Behourdium Tradition: Historical precedents for SCA Combat
by Michael de Lacy

The Art of War Part 1: Wars in the Current Middle Ages
by Michael de Lacy

The Art of War Part 2: The Units
by Michael de Lacy

The Art of War Part 3: Tips for Battlefield Survival
by Michael de Lacy

H.H. Perkins
Rattan for SCA Weapons

Thak the Blacksmith & Armourer
Ontario based studio teaching Armouring, Blacksmithing and Swordsmithing courses as well as blacksmith supplies.

The Armour Archive
Check out the Armouring Essays page which has many articles, including:

Construction of Chinese Mountain Pattern Armour (PDF file) by Sun Lu-shan
Construction Of a 13th Century Armoured Surcoat
by Ernst der Dunkelwolf 
Simple Gambeson Instruction
by Nagy Peter
The Pot Style Helm by Gundobad von Dettelmach
Constructing Articulated Joint Armor by Gundobad von Dettelmach
The Pembroke Helm by Gundobad von Dettelmach
Various Patterns by Okami (including Gauntlets, Great Helm, Spangen Helm and Lamallar Plate)
Riveted Maille, a Practical Approach by Rev George 
A Brief Dissertation on Metals by Frederich Von Teufel
How to Planish by Gundobad von Dettelmach
A Short Pictorial Essay on Fluting by: Gundobad von Dettelmach 
Armour Fluting by Scott J. Swindell
Armour Bowling or Raising by Scott J. Swindell
Making Your Own Tools for Armoring by Gundobad von Dettelmach
Make an Anvil Stand by Ralph J. Sproul
Building a Welding Vice from Scrap by Bruce Bauerlein
Building a Simple Shop-Built Side Draft Forge by Dan Cruzan
Riviting Basics by Mykaru Kurodachi 

Arador Armour Library
Check out the Articles & Essays page which has several articles including:

Construction of a Sinking (Dishing) Hammer by Scott Martin
How to Make a Sinking (Dishing) Stump
by Eric Slyter
How to Cold Blue (Blacken) Armour by Matt Stitchman
Hand Tools on the Cheap- A Scrounger's Guide by Lisa Kadonaga
18 Things I've Learned About Sheet Metal by Jaelus Giese
Facts and Myths about Armour Patterns
by Eric Slyter
Calculating Radii for Armour Patterns, Hammer Faces etc. by Scott Martin
Beginner's Tips for Leatherworking
by Eric Filardi
How To Make An Arming Cap by Dan Di Cristo
Stripping Galvanization by Danny Miller
Building an Armour Stand
by Eric Slyter

Medieval Cuirboulli by Bob Hurley

General Armour Articles

Armor for Women
by Lady Yang SuGyong

(Female Groin/Pelvic Protection)

Making a more authentic helm liner

Basic Armouring A Practical Introduction to Armour Making
by Paul Blackwell

by Sir Hilary of Serendip

Ernie's Massive Metal Links List
compiled by Ernie Leimkuhler

Arms and Armour Glossary of Terms

An On-Line Manual of Japanese Armour Construction

Therion's Armor and Weapons Page

Male Clothing and Knightly Armour of the 1250's
by A. Goddard

History and Development of the Anvil
by James Cran

Make Your Own Anvil
by Ernie Leimkuhler

The Chest Harness
(known as the Varangian Bra)
by Stephen Francis Wyley

Building your own Armour Part 1: Padding
by Michael de Lacy

Building your own Armour Part 2: Padding the Helm
by Michael de Lacy

Building your own Armour Part 3: Early Body Armour
by Michael de Lacy

Building your own Armour Part 4: Helmets
by Michael de Lacy

Building your own Armour Part 5: A 14th Century Leg Harness
by Michael de Lacy

Building your own Armour Part 6: Tournament Costume
by Michael de Lacy

Armouring Tips: Padding & Strapping the Gauntlets
by Michael de Lacy

Chainmail Armour Articles

Blackmaille: Information on Mail Armor
by Thomas the Black

Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide
by Paul Blackwell

Chain Mail Production Techniques
by Manfred Kreigstriber

Japanese Chain Armor
by John Groseclose

A Mail-Making Primer
by Barok-Baran

Chain Mail Leggings with Feet
by Wilhelm von Plauen

Sara's Chainmail Connection

Chainmail Basket

items by Hillary Rolfe


The Perfect Armor
by Cariadoc of the Bow

The Perfect Armor, Improved
by Cariadoc of the Bow

Coat of Plates Pattern
by Ted Wade

Leather Clamshell Gauntlets
by al Hadad al Hadi

by Ernst der Dunkelwolf

13th Century Leg Armor
by Johannes the Black of the Athanor

Ring Armor Pattern
by Kirk Lawson

Lorica Segmentata Layouts
by Kirk Lawson

Constructing a Lorica Plumata
by Ernst der Dunkelwolf

Armour Patterns
by Patrick Woolery
(including patterns for Char-Aina, Cup Hilt, Elbow, Gauntlet, Knee, Shield Basket and Vambrace)

Making a Heater Shield
by Michael S. Rosecrans

Bent Wood or Curved Shield Making
by Thermopocles

Making a Basket-Hilt Sword
by Michael S. Rosecrans

Leather Reinforced Brigandine
by Saavogg Haraldson and Bran Haraldsson

Construction of a 13th Century Armored Surcoat
by Ernst der Dunkelwolf

Experiments With Gauntlets
by Ranyart Boarsbane

Reinforced Carpet Armor
aka The Ten Dollar Set of Armour
by Turig Noyam

The Portable Armoury
by Ranyart Boarsbane

Armour & Weaponry Links
from Kingdom of Atlantia
(Click Here)

Articles "Missing in Action"

Pictorial Glossary of Armor Terms

Making a 14th or 15th Century Arming Jack
by Nicholas Andrew Cioran

Sports Armours Vs. Period Based Armours
by Geoffrey MacDhomhuill

Cuir Bouilli
(an excerpt from Leather And The Warrior)
by John W. Waterer

The Introduction of Plate Armour c. 1250 - c. 1330
by Claude Blair

The Transition from Conical Helmet to Great Helm 
by Barok-Baran 

The Medieval Great Helm
by Greg Mele

No Shield to Hide Behind: A Guide to Two-Handed Weapons Forms
by Heinrich von Westfelsen

A Reinforced Mail Mitten
by Barok-Baran

Common Myths About Weapons and Armour
by David A. Counts

Russian Medieval Arms and Armor

Blacksmith Basics

Advanced Blacksmith Techniques

How to Make a Cheap Workable Forge
by Turig Noyan

The Secret in the Maille: An article on Riveted Chain Armor
by Steven E. Sheldon

Chainmail Basics

Nemrac's Guide to Chainmail

The Making of Wisby Plate
by Rick Steeves

Ailettes Revisited
by Barok-Baran)

A 13th Century Leg Harness
by Kirk Lawson

Chainmail Construction
(a German site)
by Philipp Klostermann.

Gavvin's Keep: The Armoury

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