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The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) began in 1966. It is an international, not-for-profit, educational organization dedicated to the study, research, teaching, preservation and re-creation of pre-17th century European culture, known as the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras. The SCA is similar to many of the Civil War re-enactment groups, but simply covers a different (and wider) span of time and a larger number of countries.

The SCA is best described as a living history hobby organization, as we take an approach different from many study groups. Rather than just reading about history or just viewing artifacts in a museum, we research aspects of history and attempt to produce the items associated with the research. For example, after researching armor, we then make actual replicas of the armor, which we use in re-creation of combat.

This approach to study is applied to a wide variety of arts, sciences and crafts that are practiced in the SCA. Just a few of these are:

Archery   Armor-making   Bardic Arts   Blacksmithing   Bookbinding
Brewing & Vintning   Bright-Metalwork   Calligraphy & Illumination   Candlemaking   Chainmail
Children's Activities   Clothes-making   Combat   Cooking   Drawing & Painting
Embroidery   Equestrian Activities   Fiber Arts   Fishing   Games & Toys
Glasswork   Heraldry   Herbalism   Jesters & Foolery   Jewelrywork
Knitting   Lace-making   Leathercraft   Merchanting   Needlework
Papermaking   Performance Arts   Persona Development   Pottery   Research
Soapmaking   Spinning & Dyeing   Tent & Pavilion-making   Weaponsmithing   Weaving

In emulation of the Middle Ages, the SCA has divided the world into regions known as Kingdoms. For example, the Kingdom of Calontir consists of the four-state region of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska (plus Fayetteville, Arkansas).

 Map of Calontir

Each kingdom has within it, various local SCA groups. An example of this would be the Kansas City metro area where there are currently three local chapters:

Barony of Forgotten Sea   Canton of Aston Tor   Shire of Cśm an Iolair

For info on some other groups in towns near Kansas City, go here.

Like other clubs, the local chapters of the SCA has various meetings and activities. These are held "in garb", meaning that members wear clothes made like those from the Middle Ages. The larger activities (called events) that are held, focus on re-creating a day at a medieval faire, royal tournament or special feast day.

A wide variety of activities occur at an event which may include fighting tournaments, archery tournaments, equestrian tournaments, games, craft competitions, classes on topics of interest, music, dancing, singing, cooking, feasting and general good fun.

If you're interested in romance, honor, chivalry, history or crafts of the Middle Ages, then the SCA is for you.

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The Kingdoms & Principalities within the SCA.
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Ęthelmearc   Ansteorra   An Tir   Artemisia   Atenveldt   Atlantia   Avacal
Caid   Calontir   Cynagua   Drachenwald   Ealdormere   East   Gleann Abhann
Lochac   Meridies   Middle   Mists   Nordmark   Northshield   Oertha
Outlands   Summits   Trimaris   West            

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