An ongoing site with articles and links on embroidery as it applies to the Middle Ages and the SCA.


Heraldic Embroidery
How to Reduce Knots and Tangles in Your Work
Simply Embroidery
Anglo-Saxon Embroidery Techniques
Viking Embroidery Stitches and Motifs
Embroidered Medieval Almoner's Purse
A 15th Century Embroidered Bag
Embroidered Medieval Icelandic Altar Hanging
Embroidered Medieval German Cushion
Embroidered Medieval German Box
The Development of Embroidery Throughout Chinese History
Auntie Elspeth Reviews Embroidery and Needlework Books


Dictionary of Stitches

A Stitch Out of Time (Richard Wymarc's Medieval Embroidery Webpage)

Blackwork Embroidery Archives

Embroidery and Needlework Links - Connects to the Atlantian A&S webpage

Calontir Fiber & Needle Guild

Embroidery Suppliers
(more coming)

Cross Stitch Chart Generator for Celtic Alphabet

Wyndhem Needleworks


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