An ongoing site with articles and links on lace & lace-making as it applies to the Middle Ages and the SCA.


Digital Archive of Documents Related to Lace

Construction of a Bobbin Lace Pillow
by Briana Etain MacKorkhill

Choosing Lace for SCA Garb (1500-1600)
by Ilaine de Cameron

Lace in the SCA
by Ilaine de Cameron

A Brief History of Lace in the 1500's

16th Century Lace

17th Century Lace

Lace making in the 17th century

A History of Lace by the Allhallows Museum

Bobbin Lace

The Bobbin

Lace Bobbins from "The Mary Rose" Ship
by Jean Peach

Lacemaking Links

Is Crochet Period for the SCA?
by Ilaine de Cameron

The Lace Guild of the British Isles
(Check out their "Craft of Lace" section)

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The BFS Lace Guild

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