An ongoing site with articles and links on Glasswork and Beads as they apply to the Middle Ages and the SCA.

The History of Lampworking

Lady Grizel's Medieval Beadwork Site

Medieval Glass Vessels

History of the Glass Bead

Beads and Beadwork Links

Lampwork Links

The Oldest Beads

Glass & Amber Working (in Anglo-Saxon/Viking times)

Glass and beads at Fröjel

Viking Beads from Frojel Port of Trade

Glass Making and the History of Glass

Michelli's History of Stained Glass: Introduction and Techniques

The History of Stained Glass

Introductory History of Stained Glass

SGAA: History of Stained Glass

Stained Glass: A Brief History

A History of Stained Glass

A Brief History of Stained Glass

[SCA-AS] Links: Medieval Glass

6000 Years of Glass

Glassmaking in Roman Times

Roman Glass

Glassmaking in Antiquity

Glass in History and Culture

A Brief History of Glass Blowing

Glassblowing History

Beadmaking in Venice


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