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SCA Minstrel Homepage

The CalonSound Project
[Stories, songs, poems & instrumental works of the artists of Calontir]

A Circle of Bards
[Bardic wiki, blogcast, etc]
by Niall Dolphin

Barony of Forgotten Sea Bardic Guild

Gunnbjorn's College of Bardic Knowledge

Meridian Bardic College Archive

Bard Pages

Andrixos Seljukroctonis (Lyrics & Music)

Katriana op den Dijk (Songbook)

Mikal the Ram (Stories & Songs)

Rosalind Jehanne (Bardic Page)

Dolan Madoc (Songs)



Storytelling Technique
(writings by Yaakov HaMizrachi)

Storytelling in the SCA
(Dialog between Mar YaakovHaMizrachi and his sister,
Aura of Befudlement, on the subject of storytelling)

The Bards of Northshield

Period Sources for Story Telling

Dolan Madoc - Siridean's Breach



New→ Archery Songs

Cantaria: A Learning Library of Bardic Songs

Songs Sung in Ealdormere
section in Library area of webpage

Music in the SCA: A Case Study of Folk Song
by Thorvald Grimsson

Some Traditional / Medieval /Folk Songs

Dolan Madoc - Song for Mikal

Cassandra Peverell - Soldier's Daughter
(sung by Dolan Madoc)


SCA Music Homepage

Peirol's Vielle:
Instrumental Participation in the Troubador Repertory
by Joel Cohen

A Concise Guide to Medieval Instruments

Thesaurus Musicarum Latinarum
An evolving database of the entire corpus of Latin music theory
written during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


SCA Dance Homepage

Dance Links


Poetry, Verse & Song
by various artists

Poetry by Modar
(mostly free-form)


Medieval Drama Links

Theatre and Drama Links

General Information

What is a Bard?

What is a Minstrel?

What is a Troubadour?

Links of Links

Bard and Troubador Links

The Bard Codex

Memorial Notation for
Baron Cormac MacCumail

(A True Bard)

Memorial Notation for

(A Bard Whose Life Was Cut Short)


Lyrics of a few favorite (modern) songs are here.

Missing in Action
 The following webpages no longer exist at their former site.
If you happen to know where these articles and pages are
now located, please contact me at:

On Vocal Performance
(article by Mathurin Kerbusso)

Good Story Telling
(article by Fiona O'Mull)

Karl Faustus von Aachen (SCA Songs) 

Karl Faustus von Aachen (SCA Filks)

Text to SCA songs

List of Sources of Chivalric Stories




SCA Song Page (collection by Maureen O'Brien)

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