The Barony of Forgotten Sea (and it's cantons) has endured
the loss of several of its members over the years.
Nothing can overcome the sorrow of such loss.
And no one can replace them.

In respect and tribute, we present this page to serve as our
Hall of Remembrance
for the members and honorary members of the Barony
who have crossed over to the other side.

They will all be missed, but never forgotten.

"Silver Sonja"
(Jill Gardner)
Cause of Death: Tragically taken by murder

Noted for: Medieval Combat

Heraldic Device: -none registered-
SCA Awards: ??

Bradamante was the very first female in Forgotten Sea ever to become
an authorized fighter. She is remembered as a most delightful person.
We are sorrowed that we never had the opportunity to know her and
that the SCA lost such wonderful potential and such a strong spirit. 

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana

Morgana Hawkmoon
(Margo Maupin)

Cause of Death: Car Wreck

Noted for: Archery

Heraldic Device: -none registered-
SCA Awards: ??

Morgana was one of the first members of the Forgotten Sea Archery Corps.
She and those like her started a legacy of archery that is still strong in the
SCA groups in the KC Metro area. We are saddened that she is still not
with us to see what has grown out of those early beginnings.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana

Lady Andrea of Owls Roost
(Martha DeFries)
 Cause of Death:  Natural Causes at age of 24

Noted for: Friendliness & Medieval Research

Heraldic Device: -none registered-
SCA Awards: Award of Arms 1978-01-21

Andrea was the first Chatelaine of Forgotten Sea. Another spirit whose
presence created the aura that made the SCA strong. She is one who
was dear to many and shall be missed always, because she made
you feel a part of all that was going on.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana

Lord Hragobar the Lugubrious
(Alvin Hacker)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Extensive Work at Demos
Heraldic Device: -none registered-
SCA Awards: Award of Arms 1988-12-17

Know that your presence is missed and that your spirit
of involvement can never be replaced. May you find
quiet repast and enjoyable peace.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



Sister Muirgheal of Cashel
(Linn Steinhoff)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Medieval Religious Research & Medieval Religious Clothing

 Argent, a triple-towered castle on a 
chief vert three escallops argent.  
                 SCA Awards: Award of Arms        1993-02-06
Leather Mallet        1994-04-23
Golden Calon Swan 1995-05-13
Torse                        1995-12-09
Calon Lily                 1996-12-07

No one could share more than Sister Muirgheal.
Whether it was helping others, or speaking on her 
favorite topic of religion in the Middle Ages.
She gave fully of herself and was an inspiration
to all who got to know her. She was special.
Our Barony was honored by her and her efforts.
She will be forever missed.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



Signy the Bard
(Kim Wilson)
Cause of Death: Tragically taken by murder

Noted for: Bardic Skills

Heraldic Device: -none registered-
SCA Awards: ??


High as the Ravens
written Nov 11th, 1998, by Lord Liam Devlin
(used by permission of author)

  As I turn at the edge of the fire's red light,
Catching a glimpse of your phantom fair hair,
Your shining smile & blue eyes so bright,
And I wonder aloud then, "where are you, where...?"

And Signy flies high as the Ravens do,
A Valkyrie riding, born again true,
Forgotten Sea's youngest bard's earned her name,
And over & o'er, I whisper her name....

A maiden's maiden of Forgotten Sea,
Her honest plain charm stood her from the throng,
At the Lilies War in tears came to me,
"I'm all alone bard, please sing me a song,
For camp is abed and no lover greets me,"
Turned out at another's whose lady loved she;
She dried her eyes to "The Maid on the Shore",
and whispered to me ,"Bard sing it once more."


There's room in this world for Vikings and Gaels,
And those who love true, taking bed their own kind;
Said I, "we'll find you one ere the night pales,
For none sleep alone here if they had a mind."
"Bard why do you help me, and why do you care?"
"I too am alone, and me home's far from here,
So let us a-wander wherever we dare---
The quarry's the same lass, so have no fear."


Two years gone by in the wave of her hand,
But a friendship made true in a nine day span;
Ere we'd rendezvous in this foreign land,
Came news of her death for spurning a man.
Alone by the lake shores where none saw the fight,
Nor came to her aide nor answered her cry,
But she paid in good blows on that fateful night
And Valhalla awaited beyond the sky....

Now Signy revels in Odin's Great hall,
Her spirit soars high as his Ravens do,
No longer held down in this mortal thrall,
Her turn at the wheel so suddenly through...

(refrain, softly)



We did not have an opportunity to
know you for very long before
you were taken away,
but you managed to touch the lives
you had come in contact with,
even in that short time.

Rest in comfort, knowing that your life was special.


Baron Modar & Baroness Briana

Baron Cormac MacCumail
(David Reed)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Bardic Skills

 Or, a wolverine rampant guardant sable, 
marked argent, within a bordure vert.
                          SCA Awards: Award of Arms         1989-07-01
Golden Calon Swan 1991-05-04
Torse                        1991-12-07
Court Baronage       1994-06-18
Calon Lily                 1998-06-20

The forest of Forgotten Sea has
been lessened by one mighty oak.
Yet though your boughs will not be here to shelter
those who have come beneath your shade,
and the rustle of your voice-leaves shall be heard no more,
the spirit you have imparted to us shall always be here,
and be alive in our memories.

Rest in comfort, our friend.

You will be missed.


Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



His Lordship Richard Randolph
[Randwulf Raedwulfing, Richard Randwulf]
(Randy McCall)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Anglo-Saxon Research & Embroidery

 Vert, a wolf's head caboshed maintaining in its mouth
a broken sword blade, point to sinister, argent and in
chevron inverted two broken swords inverted proper.
                    SCA Awards: Award of Arms 1985-04-27
Torse                1991-03-09
Silver Hammer 1992-06-27
Calon Lily         1993-02-27

Your way with an embroidery needle will be missed.
Your way on the fighting field will be missed.
Your forthright manner of speaking will be missed.
Your knowledge will be missed.
You will be missed.

But in our hearts we will always have your strength
and your friendship and in our memories
you shall never cease to be.

Rest in comfort, our dear friend.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana




I once met a Warrior,
A spirit most bold.
She marched to her own beat;
Her laughter pure gold.
                    And then without warning,
She was taken one night
By a villain most heinous,
Despite her good fight.

I once met an Artist,
Such skill graced his head.
His brush was a needle,
His paint make of thread.
                    He had much to teach,
To any who'd know.
His time here was cut short,
By illness laid low.

I once met a Baron,
A weaver of tales.
A brewer, a vintner,
He made wondrous Ales.
                    A Valkyrie found him,
She removed all his pain.
An escort to Valhalla,
As behind I remain.

Where are they now,
Oh, where are they now?
I look for them often,
They cannot be found.
                    I search all around me,
My sorrow's unbound.
Sore missed is their presence,
Oh, where are they now?

We make our life's pilgrimage;
We get just one go.
And how much time is spent,
Rushed to and fro?
                Cherish each friend,
That in life you have found.
Each one is a gemstone,
Finely polished and ground.

Where are they now,
Oh, where are they now?
I looked for them often,
They weren't to be found.
                    Warm light now surrounds me;
My friends have been found!
They always were with me,
Oh, here they are now.

-- Herr Gotfrid von Schwaben
(used by permission of author)


Ten Years Hence
by Melandra of the Woods
(used by permission of author)

  As we stand upon the threshold of a new year
We know the memory of pain and loss is slow to go.
The minutes, hours, days creep slowly past;
Sometimes it seems the pain will always last.
And yet, time moves on along its pace,
and time brings healing to life's toilfull race.
Ten years hence, our pain, now fresh begun,
will have faded, as does the evening sun.
Although our loss will be with us ever,
the pain that it accompanies will not last forever.
Life that now seems so dark and drear
will be more joyful as days pass into years.
And living, loving, learning, we know
that sorrow will not last, and joy will grow,
until, at last, as we recall the memories of past years,
only comfort and love remain, with no more tears.


by Modar Neznanich

Life is a journey we must all take.
A flowing river we must sail,
No matter how long or how short.
Sometimes that river bends,
And someone's ship is lost from sight;
At least for a time.
But, in the end, we all dock
At the same port.
Each of us having sailed our own course,
In our own way, but all are part
Of the same waters.
And this day,
After years of sailing alone,
I have met someone.
Someone to sail with me,
Beside me,
To help me weather the storms,
And keep me from grounding
In shallow waters.
Someone who fills the days
And ends the loneliness.
Someone who cares;
Someone I will always love.
And if the day should ever come
That the river bends
And one of us must sail on,
I shall not fret
Even though I shed tears of parting.
Because I know that one day
We shall both be docked
At that same port.
Together forever.
The end of our
River Journey.


Lord David the Moneylender
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Embroidery
Heraldic Device: -none registered-
        SCA Awards:
Award of Arms        1986-11-08
Golden Calon Swan 1987-11-07

Even unto the end you were a model of chivalry.
Not even illness could take away that grace.

Thank you for being an example we can all strive toward.

-- Baron Modar


[A few words on Lord David from Lady Regina Lisle]

His favorite phrase was "If you've nothing nice to say -- please sit right next to me."  A ready wit; sharp and bright as the needles he used to embroider the linen in his workbasket. Beyond the tart remarks and the subtle smile was depth. Apart from the tarot card shuffling, daiquiri-sipping, have-you-heard-the-latest-gossip-mongering externals there was a wise and patient soul. Some folks called him Sigmund for his ability to listen and give advice. This quieter and mature side seemed all out of focus for one of the most plumy of Calontir's Blue Feather Family.

An evening spent with David might wear out the most ready of wit.

Still there are those among us who remember such parties as a fine hard cider -- humor and tales told so sweet with a gentle bite of irony and a subtlety that would leave you *exhausted* from laughter. For all his bonhomie, he still was a study in chivalry worthy of study and emulation.

His journey among us was too brief but, happily, memorable. As illness wound down his life, he was as always careful to show only the strength of his spirit to those he met. His weaknesses and fears were few. When we had our last visit, I saw him at his home. His illness had made him tired but he was ready to accept whatever new adventure lay beyond the lands of Calontir. Obviously frail there was the same ready spirit, plain in his smile and in his voice as there had ever been when traveling to an event.

He was one of our best, brightest and in the end, the bravest of us.

Good my Lords, Ladies and Peers of the Realm,

David the Moneylender




Lord Phillipe de Mortain
(Phil Nichols)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Chainmail

 Purpure, three lions sejant erect ermine. 
               SCA Awards: Award of Arms        1987-06-20
Golden Calon Swan 1989-07-08
Leather Mallet        1992-12-12
Torse                        1998-08-01

How do we put into words all that we shared? 
How do we state what your passing has done to us?
It seems that rarely a day passed that you 
did not grace us with
a bit of your wit and humor.  

May you rest in comfort on the Other Side 
until we all may meet up again and 
continue the friendship shared on this side 
that was a but a start.

Rest in peace, our dear friend.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



Her Ladyship Marie de Lancy
(Gayle Marie Carlton)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Medieval Clothing

Per fess azure and gules, three increscents and
 a martlet Or.

                        SCA Awards: Golden Calon Swan 2000-12-09
Calon Lily                2002-02-02

Your life was a gift to all of us.
You made a room shine with brightness and joy.
You touched hearts and souls.
You were an example to us all.
And you always will be.

May you have love and peace and joy
on the Other Side equal to the overwhelming
amount you gave on This Side.

We look forward to being with you once again
but until that day, we shall miss having you on This Side.


Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



Lord Maldwyn ap Anarwd
(Michael Reed)
Cause of Death:  (Self-inflicted following life-limiting accident)

Noted for: Chainmail
Heraldic Device: -none registered-
SCA Awards: Leather Mallet 1994-12-03

Another link of our past to our future has passed the Veil.
May you find comfort and peace.
Know that the legacy of your knowledge has been passed on.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



Lord Osmer of Cestre Scire
[formerly Aethelstan of Axford & Osmer de Botstock]
(Stan McKean)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Medieval Research

Quarterly azure and argent, an orle embattled
on the inner edge counterchanged

SCA Awards: Award of Arms 1992-03-07

May you find on the Other Side
rest from the ills that this mortal coil
placed upon your body
and renewal of your spirit.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana


Lord Ean Graeme
[aka Ean the Black Archer & Ean Blackarcher]
(DJ Barnett)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Archery
SCA Awards: Award of Arms  1988-12-16
Boga-Fyrd         1990-12-08
Leather Mallet 1990-12-08
Torse                 1992-12-12

May you find a place of rest and renewal
on the Other Side; and may your
arrows always find their target.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana


Lord Julius LaPaynim
[Julius LaPayon]

Cause of Death:  Natural Causes

Noted for: Norman Culture Research
SCA Awards: Award of Arms                                       1985-03-16
Trillium Argentus
(Golden Calon Swan) 1985-06-20
Leather Mallet                                       1987-12-12
Torse                                                       1989-07-08

Your steadfastness was always so notable,
it seems impossible not to see you still about.
You were always there to assist others
and when it's our turn to journey across,
we know you will be waiting to greet us all.
Rest well our honorable sentinel.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana


Sir Ternon de Caerleon, Viscount of Calontir
(Randy Niere)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Noted for: Chivalry, Service, Music, etc.
SCA Awards: AOA-Simple
Court Baronage
Golden Calon Swan
Calon Lily
Cross of Calontir 
Order of Chivalry/Knight
Order of the Pelican
Thegn of Calontir                               
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction
Leather Mallet

The heart of a kingdom is hurt by losing you. Yet the foundation you help lay remains solid,
and always shall thanks your example.

May you be given all the gifts you are due
upon the Other Side of the Veil.
May your spirit find renewal and peace
in knowing that you touched so many
and that you leave a legacy that will
continue to be an example to many.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana


Master Trobere Oakseed
(Robert J Mize)
Cause of Death: Natural Causes

Azure, a bend sinister gules fimbriated argent
between two acorns inverted Or.
Noted for: Service, Leatherwork, etc.
SCA Awards: Order of the Laurel
Silver Hammer
Cross of Calontir
Leather Mallet

Your name and heraldic charge were very apropos...because you planted a lot seeds that bore fruit. Not only the children of your body but also the children of your heart.

So many of us were honored to be the
SCA son or the SCA daughter of Trobere.

So many of us learned from you...
be it as an apprentice, a fellow
SCA-person or as a friend.

You have left a legacy that few can match.
With complete sincerity, you taught us
respect, duty, responsibility and honor
...some times in words, some times in deeds,
but always with love in your heart.

No words will ever say enough nor
thank you enough for all you've given
to us and to others.

Rest from your labors, knowing that
we will carry on as better people
thanks to you.

We love you and we miss you.

Baron Modar & Baroness Briana


Lady Marion Leyland O'Lee
(Bonnie Miller)
Cause of Death: Health/Medical Concerns

Honorary Member of Forgotten Sea
Noted for: Service, Bardic, etc.
SCA Awards: AOA-Simple
Golden Calon Swan

You always made everyone feel welcome.

You always made everyone else feel important.

You always made sure everyone was having fun.

You gave because that was the nature of your heart and your spirit.

The kingdom and the Society is lessened because you are no longer with us.

May you find peace beyond the veil and may we all remember to realize what is important in life, just as you tried to show us with your life.


Baron Modar & Baroness Briana


Mistress Luciana di Ridolfi
(Vera Rutz)
Cause of Death: Natural Causes

Per pale Or and gules, a fleur-de-lys counterchanged and on a chief sable, two harpies statant respectant, wings elevated and addorsed, Or.
Noted for: Clothing and Service
SCA Awards: Order of the Laurel
Cross of Calontir
Calon Lily
Court Baronage
Golden Calon Swan
(Middle Kingdom)
Leather Mallet
Queen's Endorsement of Distinction

You shared your knowledge.
You shared your time.
You shared your life.

Neither those gifts nor you will be forgotten.

Guard the heavens, our beloved harpy-angel.


Baron Modar & Baroness Briana



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