Here are a few selections that I have written. I love to write poetry, 
even though I feel that I'm not very good at it.

Be forewarned that very few of them are written in medieval style.
However, I hope you'll find one that you enjoy.

Ode of the Red Raven         Modar's Hiaku
River Journey         The Golden Paladin
War Banners         Mortality
The Face In The Window          A Lesson Never Learned 
Forever Love         The Land of the Banshee
I Love You Again         The Great White Buffalo
My Angel         Torchlight Procession
Llywelyn Celcynnon         Victim
Pennsic War (Part 1)         Tiger
Pennsic War (Part 2)         Death Chant
Pennsic War (Part 3)         Steel Falcon
Strength         Adventures of the Mind
Iselyn's Saga         Knights of the Air
I Hear Your Name         The Touch of Your Spirit
Flight of an Angel Kissing you...
You In My Life

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