Adventures of the Mind

by Modar Neznanich


A wise old man once wrote

That there lies a road

East of the sun; West of the moon.

And as a young lad

I set out to find it.

With a bit of searching

I indeed found this mystic path

Which ran from place to place

And I traveled far and wide

To lands never before seen.

From Barsoom to a Mysterious Island

Hyperborea to Hyboria to Lankhmar

Oz to Narnia to Earthsea

Toad Hall to Pern to Mars

Even a stop at Miskatonic University.

From the Jungles of the Amazon

And the Sea of Dreams

Past Baker Street toward Shannara

And Prydain with its Black Cauldron

Into Lemura and Tyros

I have moved from a dune filled planet

To an undersea world known as Atlantis

From place to place, planet to planet

From the Middle-Earth to 20,000 leagues beneath the sea

Even a journey to the center of the earth.

And where you may ask

Did I manage to find

This trail of wonder

That I have trodden

Over the years.

The answer is simple

And available to all.

All you need is

An open mind

And a book to read.

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