You In My Life

by Ron "Modar" Knight  (3/27/02)

As my thoughts seek you out,
and my heart emanates flares of love,
I am swept into a whirlwind of passion
that culminates in a maelstrom of desire
that assaults the spirit like the ceaseless
waves crashing onto the rocky cliffs of time.

Your essence captivates me and elicits
devotion that is the farthest reaching,
capturing the embodiment of starry heavens
and drawing me forever within like an endless
whirlpool of yearning.

Your presence in my life liberates my senses
and brings a dawning of awareness that
becomes a vortex of energies expanding
my horizons and creating possibilities.

With the smallest of efforts you grant unto me
the courage to dream beyond my wildest imaginings
and seek those things most wondrous.

You bring the greatest of joys into my life
and into my heart.

You are my love.


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