(Part II - The Merchants)

by Modar Neznanich


While the many warriors

Go off to hit upon each other

(With the greatest respect),

And others follow to watch

This awe inspiring spectacle

Of seeing hundreds of armoured fighters

Sparring in a time tested manner,

Many others come to participate

In another age-old tradition:

Visiting the merchants.

Colorful pavilions,

Bright tents and tables

Bearing signs and symbols

Of a multitude of crafts

Available for purchase

Assault the minds and senses

Of all who would stroll

The pathways of the merchant area.

Jewelry sparkles here,

Armour shines from over there,

Farther on wood glistens

In the form of boxes,

Bowls, platters, cups

And designed wood carvings.

The rich odor of leather

Thickly permeates the air

Found in the various shapes

Of clothes, armour, jewelry

And even as drinking vessels.

Heraldic banners are displayed

All over the booths and tents;

Colorfully fluttering

In the gentle breezes.

A maker of swords

Does business here,

And over there someone

Tells fortunes for those

Who are interested.

Massages of feet and backs

Are offered for those in need.

A small cluster of people

Gather around a bookseller's stall.

Garments for sale, all sizes;

The wares of a vintner too.

Foods and drinks to buy,

And a friendly game of chess.

Row upon row and tent after tent,

Of temporary shoppes fill the area.


So many different things to see,

So many people calling

For your attention

(And perhaps your money),

It's so hard to decide

Which way to go next.

Do you buy this now,

Or wait to see if

There's something

Even better yet

On down the way?

Oh the fun

Of just looking at

(Not to mention getting)

The wondrous things,

That make Merchant's Row

The place to be

At the great Pennsic War.

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