(An ode to WWI pilots)

by Ron "Modar" Knight



Streaking across the sky

like warrior knights

astride great steeds,

these soldiers of the air

begin a new era of chivalry.

Their mounts are canvas

stretched over fragile frames

and struts holding two wings

upon a wooden seat astride

a motor of surging power.

Their weapons are new,

not like the lances of old,

the name of Lewis and Vickers

take the field this day

to unseat their opponents.

Their battlefield stretches wide

allowing, nay requiring, agility

never before seen in combat,

yet for all of its size

there are limits to its use.

Their conflicts are quickly over

but the ferocity while they last

is intense beyond words

with twists, turns and rolls

the steadiest wins out.

Yet through it all remains

the one aspect of battle

that stretches back in time

to an epoch now oft forgot,

the respect and concept of honor.


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