(Part I - The Fighters)

by Modar Neznanich


Upon a battleground

Named the Pennsic Site,

Fighters from the kingdom

Called the East,

Gather under the Tiger banner.

Warriors from the lands

Known as Calontir,

Prepare for battle

Beneath the Falcon standard.

As a horn sounds,

In the distance,

The tiger roars.

The falcon soars.

And the two armed masses

Ramble toward each other.

As the falcon's front ranks

Near the tiger's troops,

They fall.

Not casualties of war,

Put kneeling to place

Their shields side by side

Forming the great shield wall

They are known for.


Many enemies have launched

Their men-at-arms against this wall.

Few have ever succeeded

In breaking through it.

Soon other armies

From other kingdoms,

Such as the West, the Middle,

The Outlands, Meredies, Trimaris,

And others, join the fray.

Each choosing their

Respective allies.

The war commences in full assault.

Weapons fly, and armour protects.

And when the sun begins to set,

The weary troops disengage

And return to their respective camps,

Where they will gain a respite

And fortify themselves

To continue the next day.

The weapons and armour will be repaired.

Bruises and minor wounds will be tended.

The dead will rise again

To partake of more, as well.


For over a week this will go on.

For fun, glory and honor

Men and women will contest

With armour and weapons

To show their martial prowess.

And at the end of the great war,

All will return to their homes

Throughout North America

(And, for a few, the European continent);

Happy to have partaken of such an event;

Having taught someone,

Having learned something,

And having made a few more friends.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007  Ron Knight/Modar Neznanich
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