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Mistress Agnes de Lanvellei's Herbal Page

Atlantia A&S Links: Horticulture & Herbalism

Herbalism, Medieval, Magickal & Modern

Tisane: East Kingdom Herbalists and Apothecaries Guild Newsletter

Herbal Guild of Meridies

Calontir Herb and Plant e-list Discussion Group

SCA-Herbalist e-list discussion group

Ansteorran herbalist e-list

MidRealm Prohibited Herb List

Atenveldt Herbalist Guild


Period Sources

Ps. Apuleius Herbal (1070-1100)

Dioscorides Herbals (11th century)

Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum (12th-13th century)

Tacuinum Sanitatis (14th-15th century)

Tacuinum Sanitatis Images

English Leachcraft and Physick (15th century)

Fuchs Botanical (1545)

The Englishmans Doctor (1608)

Gerard's Herball (1633)

The English Physician (1652)


Articles & Indices

Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages

Medieval Use of Herbs

Medicinal Uses for Herbs in Medieval Times

An Illustrated Herbal

Herb Directory Index

What is am Herb?

Medieval Roses

Sacred Iron Posies

Annuals - Biennials Part One

Annuals - Part Two

The Herbal

And More Herbs...

The History of Lavender

Herbal Insect Repellents

The Silent Weapon: Poisons and Antidotes in the Middle Ages

Antidote Anecdotes: Medieval Poison Prevention

Plants, Herbs and Spices

Medieval Gardens (La Belle Compagnie)

Vegetation and Flora of Anglo-Saxon and Viking England

Healing Herbs in Anglo-Saxon and Viking Times

A History of Herbology and Herbalism

Medieval Aphrodisiacs

A Pennsic Herbal Primer

The Healing Properties of Herbs

Herbal Lore

The Bonnefont Cloister Herb Garden

Elizabethan England: Of Gardens and Orchards

Gardens, Villas, and Social Life in Renaissance Florence

Scents of the Middle Ages

A Modern Herbal

Fighter Balm - composed of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clove,
                              Safflower oil, and Beeswax (as the base), to help sore muscles.



Herbalism Links

Spice Page

Atenveldt Herbalist Guild (old)

Herbal Bibliography


Articles & Sites "Missing in Action"
If you know where these now reside on the web, please let me know.

A Brief Introduction to practical Herbalism

Herbal Bruise Treatments

Ninth Century Preparations for the Teeth

An Tir Herbal Guild

Alphabetical Directory of Herbs

Spices & Herbs in Cooking & Household Use


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