An ongoing site with articles and links on Equestrian Activities as they apply to the Middle Ages and the SCA.

  Please note that different Kingdoms have different rules concerning
their equestrian activities. As the following links come from various
areas, please confirm the acceptability of any ideas with the rules in
your local area.

SCA Equestrian Handbook

Getting Started in S.C.A. Horsemanship

Safety and Riding Etiquette for the Current Middle Ages

Horses in the Middle Ages
by the International Museum of the Horse

Horse History

Horses and the Middle Ages

Riding Caparison / Trapper / Tournament Barding
(See bottom of the webpage)

An On-Line Version of Xenophon's "On Horsemanship"

A Proper tourney Fence

Easy Equestrian Equipment

Simple Quintain Construction

Horse Games

How to Garb the Horse and Rider

Crests for Helmets: Good for Equestrian Tournaments

Overview of Horse Barding

Overview of Tack

Researching and Building a Medieval Sidesaddle

Horses in the SCA
Excerpts from the SCA Rialto Discussion List.

Basic Horse Conformation

Kingdom of AEthelmearc Equestrian Company

Equestrian Activities within the Kingdom of An Tir

Atlantian Cavalry

Caid Equestrian

Calontir Equestrian Marshall Webpage

East Kingdom Equestrian College

Middle Kingdom Equestrian College

Equestrian Guild: Outlands {E-List}

Equine Seek

14th Century Riding Caparison

15th Century Caparisons

Rough and Ready Equestrian Games Equipment

SCA Equestrian Interkingdom Competition

SCA Equestrian
Tournament Companies
Emprise Competitions

< click on their name to go to their site >
Company of the Azure Rose
Company of St. Anne
Black Lion Emprise
Emprise of the Azure Rose

SCA Equestrian Links

If you are not familiar with the SCA but would like to know more,
check out the following links:

SCA   -   General Intro to the SCA
Forgotten Sea   -   Website on Barony in Kansas City area
Cum an Iolair   -   Website on Shire in Kansas City area
Terminology   -   Definitions of some common SCA terms
Heraldry   -   My page on SCA Heraldry

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