Articles, Pictures and Resources Dealing with Heraldic Crests
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     General Crest Information    

          Notes on Heraldic Crests

        Examples of Crests:
               Crest picture # 1        
               Crest picture # 2
               Crest picture # 3
               Crest picture # 4
               Crest picture # 5
               Crest picture # 6

      SCA Crest Information

        A Heraldic Helmet 

       Making a Tournament Helmet Crest

        Crest Ideas (From a Crestfallen Tournament in East Kingdom) 

        Period Crest Images

         Ideas, Thoughts and Previously Tried Methods for SCA Helm Crests

       Building Crests for Mounted Combat  

    Historical Crest Information 

          A Helm for the Baston Course
          (Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
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          Traictié de la Forme et Devis D'ung Tournoy (King René's Tournament Book) Excerpt
          written circa 1460 by René of Anjou, King of Jerusalem and Sicily

          The Stuff Around the Shield: Crests and Supporters 

        Discussion on Making Crests for Tournament  (link missing)  

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