Medieval Games

One of my enjoyments is playing games from the Middle Ages and Renaissance eras.

Here are the rules for a few of them.
I will try to add more as time allows.
I hope you will enjoy these games as much as I do.

-- Baron Modar Neznanich

Activity / Sports Games


Bowling Games*




Board Games



Fox & Geese

Game of the Goose*
Game Board created by Cerdic Stuart for this game found: HERE








Card Games

All Fours

Alouette (2 player)

Alouette (4 player)

As Nas






Stool ball - A medieval baseball game by Wenyeva atte grene
Playing Cards * - An incredible webpage by Andrea Pollett (from Rome, Italy)
Alphabetical Index of Card Games - All sort of card games, period and modern by John McLeod
Book of Dice - Includes some period pictures
Knucklebones - Information by Dagonell the Juggler
Games in Period Art - Wonderful page by Karen Larsdatter
Toys in the Middle Ages -  Information by Lady Margritte of Ravenscroft
The Game of Tables .-  Medieval Backgammon by Celine van Dumerand
Viking Games - Neat stuff from by the Viking Answer Lady
Hnefatafl - Viking Game with in-depth history
Games of the Viking & Anglo-Saxon Age - Detailed history provided
Tablero de Jesus - 15th Century Spanish game
Shut the Box - Article by Rowan Wolfsbane
Roman Board Games - Rules for several games
Dogs and Jackals - Rendition of the Egyptian Hounds & Jackals game
Royal Game of Ur - A game from Mesopotamia
Gameball - Medieval Football
Rounders - 16th century bat and ball game
The Game of Colf  - Article by John Symborski
Hopscotch - Information by Dagonell the Juggler
Kubb - Information by Dagonell the Juggler
Quoits, Dobblers and Horseshoes - Information by Dagonell the Juggler
Teetotums and Dreidels - Information by Dagonell the Juggler
Games, Pastimes, and Toys - Connects to the Atlantian A&S website
Valhalla - Viking form of Senet
Curling - Information by Dagonell the Juggler
Alphonso X Book of Games - A Game Researcher's resource
Game Research Articles - Information by Sonja Musser Golladay
Game Links - SCA-Librarians Game Links
Medieval & Renaissance Games Home Page * - Wonderful page by Justin du Coeur !!!!
Games Guild of Ealdormere * - organization of medieval games enthusiasts within the SCA
Ministry of Youth Activities - iIdeas for young folks' activities at SCA functions
Tarot Cards - Sets for sale from U.S. Games Systems
Géoludie - producers of various games


Suggested Readings

Justin's Games Bibliography - a great list with commentary on the books by Justin du Coeur


"Missing in Action" Sites 
If you know the location on the web of these articles, please let me know.

 Ordinare - Article by Johannes the Black of the Athanor


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