researched by Ld. Brusten de Bearsul
re-redaction by Modar Neznanich


This is a 2-player card game.

A standard 52 card deck is used.

The cards are shuffled and each player is dealt 6 cards.

Players look at their cards, then the top card of the remaining card is turned face-up to determine trump.

The non-dealer has the right to accept this card's suit as trump or refuse it.

If the card is accepted, play begins.

However, if the non-dealer accepts the first card turned over, but it happens to be a jack, the dealer earns 1 point.

If the first card turned over is refused by the non-dealer, the dealer then has the right to declare it as trump anyway, or accept the refusal.

If the dealer, accepts the refusal, more cards are turned over until a different suit is revealed. That suit becomes trump (no matter whether either player likes that suit or not).

If the dealer, does not accept the refusal, and insists on the original card turned over as trump, then the non-dealer player earns 1 point.

Once the trump suit has been determined, play begins.

The non-dealer leads the first hand.

The winner of each hand, leads the next one.

The high card by suit takes the trick (unless trumped).

Aces are the highest cards, deuces the lowest cards.

A player must follow suit if he can.

If a player cannot follow suit, he must play a trump card if he has one.

If a player cannot follow suit and does not have any trump cards, he may play any other card.

Once a round is finished (all six cards played), points are determined, then all the cards are gathered, re-shuffled and the other player becomes the dealer for the next round.

The winner is the player to reach 49 (or more) points, first.


Points scored are:

1) Any points earned in determining trump (see previous).

2) 1 point for being dealt the highest trump in play.
(NOTE: This means the highest trump of the 12 cards used in the two hands.)
3) 1 point for being dealt the lowest trump in play.
(NOTE: This means the lowest trump of the 12 cards used in the two hands.)

4) 1 point for being dealt the jack of trump.

5) 1 point for having the highest total of card-points.


Card-points are determined in the following manner:

4 card-points for each ace taken in a trick.

3 card-points for each king taken in a trick.

2 card-points for each queen taken in a trick.

1 card-point for each jack taken in a trick.

10 card-points for each ten taken in a trick.

No card-points (0) for each card 2 through 9 taken in a trick.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Ron Knight
Baron Modar Neznanich, OPel
Permission to Print.


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