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History and Development of the Anvil
by James Cran

Make Your Own Anvil
by Ernie Leimkuhler

Make an Anvil Stand
by Ralph J. Sproul

Building a Welding Vice from Scrap
by Bruce Bauerlein

Building a Simple Shop-Built Side Draft Forge
by Dan Cruzan

How to Make a Cheap Workable Forge
by Turig Noyan

Blacksmith Basics

Advanced Blacksmith Techniques

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General Metalwork, Bright-Metalwork & Jewelrywork

Early Medieval Jewelry

Medieval Russian Jewelry

Renaissance Costume & Jewelry

Elizabethan Jewelry

Acid Etching

Sand Casting

Bronze Casting In Viking Age & Early Middle Ages

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Bronzework

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Iron Working

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Non-Ferrous Metal Working

Copper in the Middle Ages



Metalworking and Jewelrymaking Links

Lapidary Links


Suggested Reading:

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A Roman Book on Precious Stones by Sydney H. Ball, Los Angeles 1950.

Treatise on Goldsmithing and Sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini, Trans. by C. R. Ashbee, N. Y. 1967.

The Great Book of Jewels by Ernst A. & Jean Heniger, Lausanne 1974.

Anglo-Saxon Jewellery by Ronald Jessup, Aylesbury 1974.

Ancient Egyptian Materials and Industries by A. Lucas, London 1962.

Metalwork and Enamelling by Herbert Maryon, (5th edition, 1971). Dover.

Jewelery of the Ancient World by Jack Ogden. Rizzoli, N.Y., 1982.

On Divers Arts by Theophilus, Trans. by J. Hawthorne and C. Smith. Chicago 1976.

The Traditional Crafts of Persia by Hans E. Wulff, Cambridge (Massachusetts) 1966.

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Medieval Goldsmith's Work, by Isa Belli Barsali, translated by Margaret Crosland. Hamlyn, 1969.

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