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Banner Stand

Music Stand

Calligraphy Stand

Keg Stand

Armor Stand

Gothic Arch Chair (break-down style)

Oriental Box of Drawers

Italian Cassone -by Master Dafydd ap Gwystl and Terafan Greydragon

Dagobert's Throne (drawing)

Dagobert's Throne (picture), French, late 8th-9th century -- made of bronze

Roman Camp Stool

A Simple Chest

A Simple Gothic Bench

Medieval Benches

Medieval Beds

Irish Tuam (chair)

Irish Sligo (chair)

Viking Box Chair

10th Century Norwegian Bed alternate image here.

13th Century Fauldstool

13th Century English Storage Chest/Bench

15th Century Chair

Glastonbury Chair - Part 1

Glastonbury Chair - Part 2

1520 Tudor Table

16th Century Turned Chair

16th Century German Wheelbarrow

16th Century Wheelbarrow

16th Century German Faldestoel (Folding Stool)

16th Century German Folding Chair

17th Century Board Chest Plans

English Coronation Chair

Medieval Bed Plans

Master Bed  - Bayleaf Farmhouse at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

A Viking Stool

A Viking Table

A Viking Chest

Voxtorp Church Chest

A Medieval Wooden Chest

A Medieval Wooden Stool

Medieval Chests

St. Jerome's Table

Folding Table

Peacock Chair

Coffer Chair

4-Board Bench

Medieval Beds

Trestle Table and Bench

A Period Chandelier

Medieval Wooden Chandeliers

A 6-Board Chest

Disguise Your Cooler as a Medieval Chest

Saher's Reliquary

Break-Down Panel Chest

Italian Renaissance Cassone

Footstools for the Royal House of Meridies

Tourney Shade Pavilion Plans

12th-13th Century Armoire

13th Century Iron-Bound Chest

14th Century Coffer

15th Century Turned Stool

15th Century Gothic Stool

15th Century Chair

15th Century Chest (Front)

15th Century Chest (Front 2)

15th Century French Two-Seat Chair

15th Century Flemish Choir Stall

15th Century Dressoir

15th Century Dressoir with Heraldry

16th Century French Dressoir

16th Century Lyonnaise Dressoir

16th Century Lyonnaise Dressoir (2)

16th Century Dressoir

16th Century Dressoir (2)

16th Century Arm Chair

16th Century Caquteuse [Also called a Gossip Chair]

16th Century Chair of State

16th Century French Chair

16th Century Chest (Front)

16th Century Chest (Front 2)

16th Century Chest (Front 3)

16th Century Breton Chest (Front)

16th Century French Chest

16th Century Armoire

16th Century Armoire (2)

16th Century Burgundian Table

16th Century French Table

16th Century Table

16th Century Four-Poster Bed



History of Furniture (Book)

Blood and Sawdust

Camping Accessories

Viking Toy Horse

Woodworking Page



Items "Missing in Action"

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Buffet (cupboard), French, c. 1570 -- made of walnut

Bed, German, early 16th century -- made of wood

Episcopal Chair, French, c. 1560 -- made of wood

Cupboard, French, c. 1580

Folding Stool with Silk Velvet Cushion, Spanish, 16th century

Friar's Chair with Velvet Upholstery, Spanish, 16th century

Conversation Chair, French, 16th century -- made of walnut

Vargueno (fall-front desk), Spanish, 16th century

Armoire a deux corps (cabinet), French, c. 1550

Cupboard, German, 16th century

Chest, German, c. 1580

Stool #1, reproduction of item from Barley Hall in York, England, c. 1400s

Stool #2, reproduction of item from Barley Hall in York, England, c. 1400s

Stool #3, reproduction of item from Barley Hall in York, England, c. 1400s

Stool #4, reproduction of item from Barley Hall in York, England, c. 1400s

Table, reproduction of item from Barley Hall in York, England, c. 1400s

Medieval Furniture Article
(PDF file)

15th Century Chair
(PDF File)

Simple Period Table

15th-16th Century German Armoire


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