An ongoing site with articles & links on bone, horn and antler working
as it applies to the Middle Ages & the SCA.


Bone and Antler Working by Regia Anglorum Publications

Using and Working With Horn by I. Marc Carlson

Working with Horn and Skeletal Materials by Lord Mikal Isernfocar (called Ironhawk)

Antler, Bone and Ivory Carving Links - Connects to the Kingdom of Atlantia A&S page

How to Make Your Own War Horn (Cornette) by Viviane of Glannaventa

Making a Blowing Horn 

Cow Horn to Drinking Horn by Angus MacCormack


Missing In Action Links:

The Hornshop - An online shop for the craftsman horners of Abbey Horn of Kendal and Lakeland,
    established in 1749. Here you can buy directly from one of the few remaining horn
    workshops in Europe.


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