"Romance and chivalry shall always live!"

Often people want to have a wedding or a renewal of vows done in a pre-modern manner. Many times this is with a medieval or renaissance theme. Following are a number of links to sites that provide information (and in some cases services) for this type of ceremony. Hopefully they will be of assistance to you.

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Page

The Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Site

Having a Medieval/Renaissance Wedding: and updating it for modern times

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Feasts

A Medieval Wedding [Link supplied by Laura Picary & Laramie Public Library Patron.  Thanks!!]

Weddings in Renaissance Italy

Weddings in the Italian Renaissance

Medieval and Renaissance Marriage: Theory and Customs

The Form of Matrimony in the European Middle Ages

Wedding Ceremonies: Medieval, Celtic & Norse

Renaissance Wedding Ceremonies

A Guide to Romance

While the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is not a performance organization and does not provide entertainment for weddings, many times advice can be garnered from members of your local SCA group. 

In the Kansas City metro area there are currently three chapters:
Barony of Forgotten Sea, the Canton of Aston Tor and the Shire of Cm an Iolair.

For assistance in finding your nearest local SCA group, click here.

Like other clubs, the local chapters of the SCA has various meetings and activities. These are held "in garb", meaning that members wear clothes made like those from the Middle Ages. The larger activities or "events" that are held, focus on re-creating a day at a medieval faire, royal tournament or special feast day.

If you're interested in finding out more about the SCA, click here.

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