There is wide variety of arts, sciences and crafts that are practiced in the SCA.
We have collected articles and links on just a few of these:

Archery   Armor-making   Bardic Arts
Blacksmithing   Bookbinding   Brewing & Vintning
Bright-Metalwork   Calligraphy & Illumination   Candlemaking
Chainmail   Clothes-making   Combat
Cooking   Drawing & Painting   Embroidery
Equestrian activities   Fiber Arts   Fishing
Games & Toys   Glasswork   Heraldry
Herbalism   Jesters & Foolery   Jewelrywork
Knitting   Lace-making   Leathercraft
Merchanting   Needlework   Papermaking
Performance Arts   Persona Development   Pottery
Protocol   Research   Soapmaking
Spinning & Dyeing   Tent & Pavilion-making   Weaponsmithing
Weaving   Woodworking   Youth Activities
Which are Arts and Which are Sciences ?
Arts &Sciences Links
created by Kingdom of Atlantia

Medieval & Renaissance Material Culture
by Karen Larsdatter


A related and wonderful historical link:

The Medieval Science Page

Amongst the topics covered on this site are:
Alchemy, Animals, the Astrolabe, Astronomy, Botany,
Calendars, Cartography, Horology, Scientific Instruments of the Middle Ages,
Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, Time, Weights & Measures and Renaissance Materials.

Some additional topics of interest

New Member Information   Norse History   Mongol History   Knights Templar
Intro to the SCA Page   Italian Renaissance   Tudor History   Samurai History
SCA Groups in the 4-state region   Scottish History   Welsh History   Medieval Pirates
SCA Groups throughout the World   Russian History   Courtliness   Medieval Undead
This SCA book is a great idea (but unfortunately it doesn't exist).

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