Renaud de Sable is the name of my Tudor period persona.
He is the son of a French nobleman and the English woman
he fell in love with and took as his wife. His father is a diplomat
to the court of Henry VIII.

If you are interested in establishing either a French or English
name and/or persona, or are interested in the time of
Henry VIII Tudor, check out the following links.



Late 16th Century English Given Names
by Talan Gwynek
Feminine Given Names in A Dictionary of English Surnames
by Talan Gwynek
English Names from Pre-1600 Brass Inscriptions
by Julian Goodwyn
The Agincourt Honor Roll
(Alphabetical by Surname)
Yorkshire Given Names from 1379
by Talan Gwynek
Given Names from Early 13th Century England
by Talan Gwynek
A Statistical Survey of Given Names in Essex Co., England, 1182-1272
by Nicolaa de Bracton
Jewish Naming Convention in Angevin England
by Eleazar ha-Levi
Anglo-Saxon Names from Bede
by lfwyn aet Gyrwum
The First Thousand Years of British Names
by Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn
Sixteenth Century Norman Names
by Cateline de la Mor
Names from Fourteenth Century Foix
by Cateline de la Mor
An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris
by Colm Dubh
Names from Thirteenth Century Languedoc
by Cateline de la Mor
French Names from Two Thirteenth Century Chronicles
by Arval Benicoeur
Tudor England
General Tudor History
Monarchs of Britian article on Henry VIII
Hampton Court History
Greenwich 2000 article on Henry VIII
Article entitled: Henry VIII's Revolt and Suppression of the Bishops
Short article on the 16th century
The Official Mary Rose Site
(Henry VIII's Flag Ship)
A Briefe History of the Codpiece (Part 1)
by Samuel Piper
Research Questions for Developing a Persona

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